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Pretty Girl Pillow - Pretty Girl Pillow, curated and founded by Ashley Turner in April 2017. Yes, girl April! Yes, girl it’s only June, but, when God puts a fabulous, innovative new product on your heart you do what He says, and get it on the market! it was all a dream Pretty Girl Pillow is literally a dream … Continue reading Pretty Girl Pillow
Meet Tashara ‘TJ’ Robinson, POWER MOM! - After more than a decade of “living the dream”, Dallas native, stay-a-home mother of four and wife, TaShara ‘TJ’ Robinson found herself in an unfamiliar space. “To make a long story short, I ended up filing for divorce after 19 years of marriage,” she says the discussion about her contribution to the newly released POWER … Continue reading Meet Tashara ‘TJ’ Robinson, POWER MOM!