2 Thumbs Up Week 2

Manic Monday

Monday, like every other Monday, was dreadful, but I’d packed my bag the night before, prepared a nutritious lunch, and packed snacks, to ensure I’d have enough energy for the workout. I made sure that I ate well and kept up with my water intake during work. I got to the gym and saw that we were assigned thrusters and  jump rope.  Since I pre-planned and had my food prepared for the day, my energy level was at a good place. I was able to challenge myself a little.  During the workout I used a bar instead of dumbbells and was turning flips on the inside! No additional weights, but it felt so good, like…sooo gooood!

Kingdom Athletics did a modified version of the Crossfit workout, so we worked out as one group. That helped me because my ego wouldn’t allow me to lag too far behind the pace of the Crossfitters. I completed the workout with a little bit of energy and ultimately ended up with a nice sweat. Monday I walked away giving myself high-ofives and smiling from ear to ear. Sometimes it’s the little things.

Humbling Hump Day

Wednesday was my 9th wedding anniversary. I didn’t make it to the gym, but I won’t say I didn’t get any cardio in for the day (pops collar and drops mic).

Friyay or Whatever

As fate would have it, every single time I skip a day or some time at the gym, I show back up to the things I hate. Friday’s workout was pure cardio. Friday’s workout was sixteen (16) 100 meter sprints. I saw it written on the board for the Crossfit workout, and just figured our Kingdom Athletics workout would be written up on our board within minutes. Imagine the horror of being called to the starting line as one group.

I wanted to cry. I didn’t because I’ve made a promise to myself this year to make running  positive and therapeutic instead of dreadful. So I got my attitude together and prepared for the run. By the fourth lap I had requested the music be cranked up and had began talking myself through the runs. By the eighth lap my foot was aching pretty bad, and I was trying to figure out if that would be the  ailment I could use to get of the remaining laps. On the tenth lap he dismissed the Kingdom Fit crew, but I’d set my mind on completing twelve strong laps.  I asked if there were any other movements for the workout, found out there weren’t, so I decided to keep going and not stop at ten. I did all sixteen laps! I was tired as hell from the workout, but felt like I was walking on the moon for sticking through it.

That’s what this journey is about, embracing the good days and continuing to move. I have made such a positive turn around with running. It had everything to do with me changing my perception and conquering my fear.


Getting Back in the Saddle

Never Miss a Monday

I ended my workout hiatus this week. So far so good. When I showed up on Monday, I was embarrassed, afraid and walked in with my tail tucked. But the fam welcomed me back with open arms and, as usual, it was like I hadn’t missed a beat -until the workout started! I was inspired when I saw the board, because the workout looked like I could actually get through it without throwing up or falling out. 

The workout consisted of push ups, sit ups, kettle bell swings and running. I was able to keep a nice steady pace, and was proud when finished my run with a little spirit. I’m guessing my trainer noticed the pep in my step too, cause when I glanced at the board ‘2 ROUNDS’ suddenly appeared.  After about a 3 second fit, I started up on the second round.  By the end of my second run I had to take it slow and on a few occasions I felt the need to throw up -I didn’t, what a great workout!

Mid-Week Mommy/Beast

I rarely bring my children with me to the gym because I have a hard time seperating the mommy in me when I need to be in beast mode. On Wednesday my husband had something come up  and wasn’t able to pick the girls up. My original thought was to skip working out that day, but I knew that if I skipped I wouldn’t make up the workout. Since I’m just getting back in the game I knew I needed to bring them along and get er’ done. Equipped with snacks, drinks, and hand held toys we headed off to the box.

As anticipate, my toddler didn’t stay in the childrens’ play area. But have no fear, I’m a mom and I am here! I had already pulled out and set up her stroller, and positioned it out of the way of others, just in front of my workout space. Thankfully the workout didn’t require me to leave the area I was in. It was actually a nice bonding moment for my baby and I. She helped me count out my dumbbell presses, push ups and box step ups. I’m so glad she was there, cause I was tired halfway through the first round but her smiling face kept me going.

This was my first time taking my toddler old to the gym. She did so good! I don’t have as many reservations about taking her any longer.


Friday rolled around and I had begun subconsciously sabotaging it’s workout in my dreams on Thursday night. I woke up and decided to go ahead and throw my workout clothes together and take my gym-bag to my car. During work I thought about how tired I was and  how I should just go home since I had plans for the night. Up until I got in my car and headed in the direction of the gym I was talking myself out of going. But I decided to snap the hell out of it. I cranked up some 2 Chainz (my get crunk, ratchet artist of choice) and got my attitude togetha!

The workout was intense and I had to dig deep to get through it. Dumb bell thrusters, sit ups, and running. I simply wasn’t prepared for the intensity of this workout. I hadn’t eaten enough food or drank enough water that day. It showed in my performance.

This week is done!

I am proud of myself for completing a week of working out after having missed so long. It’s great to be a part of gym that is family, that looks for you when you don’t show up and welcomes you with open arms when you return. I may have thought that missing the gym for all that time was a much needed break, but it wasn’t. Time waits for no woman, and our workouts gradually gain intensity. Missing that time in the Box makes it that much harder to get through the workouts I’m doing now.  I don’t plan to miss a month of working out again, even if I can’t make it to the gym, I’ll just take a brisk walk or do some other exercise.


I follow quite a few blogs, ordinary people and a elect few celebrities. Their lives are smilingly perfect. Everything runs on schedule, they are smiley and (appear to be) happy people. Their lives seems to just roll without a hitch…blah, blah, blah.

Welcome to my world! Where more times than not, we fly by the seat of our pants to keep things moving. However, I am getting better with having a routine and getting on schedule. But I’m human and there are times that shit just derails and falls apart.

My A beautiful beast post provided a little insight on my weight loss journey. You learned that my attendance record can be choppy at times. I have plenty of workout experiences and plenty of gym pictures to write a year’s worth of workout posts that will motivate not only you and myself as well. But I’m not here to put on airs and pretend to be someone that i’m not.

I haven’t worked out in three weeks! Why? Honestly, I haven’t been overly motivated to go. I’m a wife, I have two small children and I work full-time. I make time for the gym majority of the time, but there are times that I am running on zero and need a break. Not necessarily a three week break though. At this point I’m just being a slacker.

As a person who has struggled with weight all my life, I am happy to have finally gained knowledge on nutrition and found a gym that I love.  But the struggle is real. Thank God for my trainer! He’s been all up in all my social media  and texting about where I am and what’s going on -another reason I love my gym. The trainers are personally concerned with our well-being.

Even though I haven’t worked out in three weeks, I am being mindful of what I eat making healthy choices at least 80 percent of the time. Which means that I’m maintaining my weight. It also means that I’m not building any cardiovascular endurance or gaining any muscle. But I have also assured my trainer that I’ll be back after spring break!

Are you on a plus size fit journey? What are some of the challenges you face with workout consistency?