“Be Free. Be Bold. Be Empowered. Be Creative.” – Dri’s World

“I want people to be comfortable in my clothes and feel confident at the same time. When people put on my clothing I don’t necessarily want them to transform or be someone they’re not, but be who they want to be – you can’t be judged in Dri’s World unless you’re judging yourself. That’s one of the things I mean by be Free and Bold, if they say that dress doesn’t look good on your body, but you like it and feel like a baddie then, girl wear it!” -Dri

A powerful statement from 17 year old Adrienne “Dri” Stinson, owner and founder of Dri’s World. An Athletic and Urban Apparel clothing line that launched its Summer 2018 Collection in April. The collection ranges from Dri’s World Classic Tees to Dri’s World Summer Crop Tops by American Apparel.

Dri tells us the inspiration behind becoming a business owner at there age and creating the brand.

“My mom and dad would always tell me,  ‘you don’t have to work for anyone, work for yourself.’ So I took that to heart and decided I wanted to be my own boss and handle my own money,” she says.

” I used to play volleyball, but this past summer I had surgery and couldn’t condition for a while. Once I finally got better and went to a couple of practices, it set in and I had to be real with myself. I had honestly fell out of love with volleyball. So I told my mom and dad I wasn’t going to play anymore and they were ok with that. But they asked me, ‘well what now? What are you going to do?’ I told them I had been wanting to get into fashion,” she says.

And with the help of her parents, Dri’s World came to life. Since Dri’s family is heavily involved in sports, she felt it important to make the brand cohesive with athletes, to fuel the athlete in her in some form and explains that.

“The urban side of the brand has a lot to do with my love of the 90’s.  I listen to a lot of music from that time period so I kind of watched the videos and fell in love with the clothing.”

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Taking on a business, specifically planning and designing a clothing line, as a junior in high school is no walk in the park. There are challenges that come along with building a brand and staying on track with school work.

“A main challenge would definitely have to be time management. Finding time  to work on Dri’s World throughout the week. School can be stressful and Junior year is most definitely the hardest year in my opinion. Then sometimes I get so caught up in Dri’s World I might actually forget to do something for school,” she says.

Dri wasted no time with her business endeavor. Within nine months, Dri’s World went from and idea to sampling and testing material. She explains her reason for being fully involved and hands on with every decision involved with  her brand.

“I feel that sometimes people get so caught up in the brand name that they don’t think about the quality of the clothing or shoe, or the brand owner for that matter. Like is this person really for the customers or just looking for quick money?”

When we asked Dri where she sees herself in five to ten years she replied, “Hopefully I’m out of college with little to no debt. I’ve always wanted to travel the world so I hope to be going to other countries, and learning and understanding different cultures. I don’t want to do that alone, so hopefully I’m in a good relationship or married by then.”

As for Dri’s World she explains, “I want it to be global. I really look up to Rihanna. She has a clothing, make up, and shoe line called Fenty,  I hope Dri’s World is on that level by then and hopefully one day I could collaborate with her.”

Pictures provided curtesy of @radiantsparks_ enjoy the following slide show from Dri’s World Launch Party.

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