I am currently available for hire as an independent contractor, and my services fall into two main categories: writing and social media marketing. I am looking to expand and diversify my portfolio, and am more than happy to work with entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes; from small business to multinational giants.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help your company or would like to discuss pricing, please contact me !

Writing Services

Creating effective digital  content requires taking audience, tone, style, keywords, linking and much more into consideration. Whether you’re looking for engaging blog posts, a compelling bio, an irresistible product review or interview or a click worthy social ad, I can help you create best suited to achiever your business goals.

  • Blogging (event coverage)
  • Biographies
  • Interviews/Profiles
  • Press Releases
  • Copywriting (Search/Facebook Ads, Email Newsletters, etc.)
  • Special Projects (Book reviews, Product Reviews, Ghost Writing)

Social Media Marketing

All successful businesses have a dynamic marketing plan.  Social media marketing is one of the best ways to consistently spread the word out about your business. I can help you devise an aesthetically pleasing plan cohesive to your business market plan that will grow your target audience while simultaneously increasing engagement.

  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy

Add Ons

Let’s ensure that the content being published about your company is as well written as possible. I can assist in ensuring the use of proper punctuation and grammar, and also increase the professionalism of your content.

  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading

Individual, group, and small event photography is available, for your business marketing and advertising needs, with limited editing. Photoshop and Lightroom editing services are not available at this time.

  • Photography
  • Social Media Content