Have A Star Studded Family Night Out At The LSGF Red Carpet Gala

I have wanted my daughters (specifically my oldest) to have a red carpet experience since the Oscars, Grammy’s and Golden Globes started doing celebrity red carpet looks with children a few years ago.  This year, I am excited to attend Let’s Start Giving Foundation’s Red Carpet Gala with my family on November 4th at the Social Arts Event Room in Duncanville, Texas! If you’ve been keeping up with  @lsgfoundation16 on Instagram and the Lets Start Giving Foundation 2017 Gala event page, then you know that the night will be filled with charity fundraising, and wholesome entertainment!

The foundation

Let’s Start Giving Foundation is a non-profit organization providing persons at risk of, or experiencing, homelessness with essential day-to-day needs through individual donations and partnerships with local businesses and community agencies. LSGF’s founder, Alaia Stinson is currently ten (10) years old! And, with the help of her parents and siblings, the foundation is in its second year of operation, continuing to work towards her dream of providing a shelter facility for homeless families.

a red carpet affair

Proceeds from LSGF’s Red Carpet Gala will be donated to Ola’s House of Hope and used to make a direct impact on the Dallas County homeless community through boot-on-the-ground efforts. Expect nothing less from this gala than you would on any other gala, or upscale night out. Look forward to  extravagant gowns and dresses, suave suits and fly outfits as well as keynote speakers, honored guests, silent auctions and raffles.

Family Friendly entertainment

But what makes LSGF’s Red Carpet Gala unique is the family friendly entertainment lineup! The K104 Street Team will be broadcasting live from the parking lot! Live Stand-up comedy by Edwin Douglas. Triple D Dance Company is ready to tare the floor up! The Dallas Holmesboyz Steppers are gonna take you down memory lane and back to the yard! And Destinee Duncan, Ms. Glossy Girls herself; winner of the DFW Fashion Week Fashion Show 2017 Young Talented & Gifted  Designer of the Year Award, will be showcasing her collection!

Let’s Start Giving!

The timing is perfect, it’s the holiday season, giving season, charity ball season! Don’t miss this opportunity to go glam and include your family, all while giving back to the community. I sure won’t!  CLICK HERE to purchase tickets!

For more information about Let’s Start Giving Foundation visit www.letsstartgivingfoundation.org


Never in my young adult life did I EVER imagine being sexually empowered and secure enough in my femininity to hit M.I.L.F. status. But here I am, “HEY GIRL!”  And yes, the euphemism may have some of you clutching pearls and judging. But I’ve birthed two children and this body has been through some things; ain’t nothing wrong feeling great about looking good!


Motherhood is an experience like no other. I wouldn’t trade it for the world -well, I wouldn’t trade parts of it. Motherhood is the most instinctually selfless process humanly possible. Understand that most days are not pretty, there simply isn’t time for it all.

And because we are women and much is expected and required of us, it’s easy for us to lose anything we’ve ever known about ourselves when we become a mothers. Add marriage and a job to that equation, and you will unknowingly find yourself stretched as thin as ice. Your days start to run together and life passes you by.

The Hubs and I enjoying date night.

Just like the weather, we go through seasons in our lives. It’s our job to learn how to best navigate through life during each of those seasons. Once we learn how to seamlessly adjust to change, things start looking up. I believe it is true that, “with age comes wisdom.” Settling into this crazy, sexy, cool life that I’ve created for myself and some days are a struggle. I’m not too proud to admit that, but when I’m on, I’m on and it’s so refreshing.

P.H.A.T. (Pretty Hot and Tempting) if I do say so myself.

Self-care is all the rage now days and something that I believe in wholeheartedly. It helps me stay focused and at at my best. In today’s society, we allocate the majority of our time to our to-do list leaving little time for rest and relaxation. That can be problematic. As a mother of two, full-time employee, blogger, beauty expert, freelance writer who is married to a high school athletic coach, I have to take “Me-Time” whenever and however I can get it. Some of the ways I sneak in time for self-care are:

Play in makeup – Little girls aren’t the only ones who love to see themselves dolled up. Playing in makeup is good for practicing  applying your favorite looks. It can help you get used to seeing yourself in colors you may normally not wear, and it’s a self-esteem booster.

Have sex -I’m talking about the sex that YOU like. What you like, how you like it and for how long. It’s your world, squirrel! Have the kind of sex that blows your mind and makes you roll over butt-naked, smiling so hard that you have to hide your face in the sheets so your partner doesn’t witness you melting inside.

Working Out -When my schedule allows, I hit the gym and work up a good sweat. Working out helps to relieve stress and tension, and it also helps maintain weight, build muscle and it’s an overall health benefit.

Spa Treatments -A facial, Swedish massage, manicure and pedicure are the ultimate in self-care. But, they can be pricy so on to the next!

Home Spa Treatments -My Toxin-Free facial is relaxing, affordable and will leave your skin feeling silly smooth.

Sitting in silence –I’m not often afforded the opportunity to have the house (or any space) to myself. When those occasions present themselves, I sit in silence. No TV, no radio, and sometimes no cell phone or any other electronic device.

 Go out –Meet your girls, go to brunch, go shopping, go to an empowerment event, go dancing. Do whatever makes your heart smile -and be sure to laugh and take pictures while you’re doing it.

 When I make sure to take time for self-care it shows! My family and friends notice, but most of all, my husband notices. And trust, when I’m top of my game, he reminds me often. After all, he reaps  the benefits  from it!

Purpose Seekers Tour – Dallas

Being human goes hand-in-hand with having purpose. God put every single one of us here to serve in our purpose. We have also been filled with passion for specific things meant to help drive that purpose.

So, as Oprah would say, “You have a purpose! You have  a purpose! You have a purpose! You, yes you, and you have a purpose too!”  But, what is purpose and how do you recognize and tap into it? Is purpose something that can be sought out? Can I really do what I love and prosper from it by serving in my purpose?

On July 31st the Purpose Seekers Tour made its fourth stop, in Dallas Texas, and answered those questions. Created by Tiffany Gillespie, The Purpose Seekers Tour-Purpose to Prosperity, includes a panel of entrepreneurs who have trusted God, stepped out on faith, married passion with purpose, and have successfully maintained businesses beyond the start-up phase. A platform of encouragement lead by example.

Each stop on the Purpose Seekers Tours involves panelists who are willing and eager to share their “secrets to success,” by providing inspiration through personal testimonies of real-life experiences. In short, there is no “secret” to success. Be consistent, listen when God speaks and follow your heart.

Tiffany “To the ‘T'” Gillespie knew that she had a passion for event planning, she trained for it and became certified; but allowed doubt, unfamiliarity, and the opinions and suggestions of others deter her from it.  Upon receiving certification she immediately started a business, but did nothing with it for nearly a year. One Sunday morning, in 2012, she heard a sermon that would change her life.

“About five years ago I started my company. I stepped out on faith. I remember hearing a sermon from my pastor about your purpose, and about your God-given gift. And I had never heard anyone teach about passion or purpose. So, when he taught about this, it was like an ah-ha moment. Something went off, like, some lightbulb just went off for me,” she explains.

Passion is that thing that keeps you up at night, that you simply cannot stop thinking about. The thing that consumes your whole self, and at times you don’t even know or realize it.

The Purpose Seekers remind us to always seek God and keep Him first. They provide insight and tools needed to assist in actively and strategically creating profitable business through passion and purpose.

The Panelists

With Tiffany, the Dallas panel: Athena DeVonne, founder of Passion As A Verb, LaKisha Wells, founder of Renee’s Eventi, and Majisty Dennis, founder of Majisty Ministries, all served as opened books, pouring out wealths of knowledge on not only surviving, but prospering from this thing called entrepreneurship!

Athena DeVonne

Photo Credit: @passionasaverb

Athena DeVonne has known about and battled with extreme asthma since the age of nine. Extreme to the point of being told that laughing can be deadly. Imagine having that situation worked out with God, going through life happy without a hitch, then having your world crash down on you. Relationship problems; specifically, divorce, while pregnant with your second child, and having your oldest diagnosed with a brain condition that causes seizures.

This left DeVonne broken, and with zero employment options, as no employer will work around the extensive time she would now be required to be out of office. Out of necessity and her passion for seeing love cultivated and grow, she created her wedding planning business Coalesce Creations. The relationships built from her passion of love (wedding planning) developed into the creation of her blog Passion As A Verb. An inspirational, motivational, resources guide for entrepreneurs who are ready to put the excuses to rest and live their passion as a verb!

She tells us, “I use it [asthma] as a tool to keep going instead of a clutch. It’s part of what I can use as my testimony. If I didn’t have struggles, what would I have to share with you?”

Majisty Dennis

Photo Credit: Shebatty

An entrepreneur since the age of fifteen, Majisty Dennis is a self-employed veteran with over a decade in the game. She accredits that to her mom.

“My mom was adamant about imparting the importance of purpose to me, even at a young age. So, she would tell me that, ‘I don’t want you to be waiting til [sic] you grow up to find out what your purpose was,’ she would tell me the things that God was telling her about my life. As I got older, I just continued to seek God about those things for myself, so that I could have my own revelation and continue like that. So, as the Lord gives me adventures and things to take on, I just go for it!”

Dennis started out miming from passion, then developed a business plan and made it a profession. She now, teaches the art of mime, does motivational speaking, and recently released the inspirational book, From Religion to Revival, it can be found and purchased at Majisty Ministries.

As a young entrepreneur keeping intimidation at minimum is crucial to success. Her advice to young entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs in general is, “Be convinced of what you’re trying to tell everyone else. People will tell you that you’re too young, and then , when you get older, they will tell you that you’re too old. You will always be too something, so work on spending your energy on convincing yourself of the message you want to tell everyone else. Once you’re convinced of it, the world will respond to you in a different way.”

LaKisha Wells

Photo Credit: @reneeseventi

Lakisha Wells created Renee’s Eventi Wedding Planning and Design in 2010. During that time and being new to the wedding planning industry, the help and resources she needed for her business were not available.

However, because of her passion for human connection she pressed forward. Feeling her way around, seemingly lost, and encountering the stumbling blocks of being a new business owner/wedding planner caused Wells to attempt success by mimicking another planner’s style, what they did, and how they communicated with their clients.

“It didn’t work for me. It made me realize who I am as a wedding planner,” she says. “My purpose as a wedding planner is to be authentically me. Who I am is who I am, and I have to make that work in my business.”

Over time, Wells has discovered that It is perfectly ok to be a wedding planner who has a Type A personality full of love and compassion, fully involved with her couples.

“Do I have a Type A personality? Yes! But, I get totally connected with my couples and that’s ok! Once I figured that out, my business began to prosper and I didn’t make excuses for being who I am.”

Wells is also serving in her purpose as the co-founder of Chicks in Pink Stilettos-DFW, a non-profit organization that supports the fight against breast cancer.

Tiffany Gillespie

Photo Credit: ms_tothet

Tiffany Gillespie is an author, event planner, and business consultant who promised God that she would live everyday of her life out loud, for Him, if He allowed her to walk away from brain surgery with all of her pieces in tact in 2013.

Gillespie has always had a passion for event and wedding planning. So much so, that she trained for it, became certified, networked and built relationships within the industry, and started a business in early 2012 that she sat on and did nothing with for nearly a year. Why?

Fear of the unknown caused Gillespie to play it safe, and do what felt most comfortable and familiar, ignoring the (less obvious) signs from God meant to push her into her purpose. She earned a degree in Criminal Justice. She dabbled with her business, doing events here and there, but still focused elsewhere.

She took desk jobs with companies in the event planning industry,in hopes of finding fulfillment from close proximity. It didn’t work, and she found herself feeling chained to a desk, literally drowning in paperwork and very unhappy, but still afraid to take the leap of faith and fully pursue her passion/business.

“While my brother and I were always encouraged to be creative, and to follow our gifts and to follow our passions, we were never encouraged to be business owners. Cause, we we don’t have any business owners in my family. I don’t fault my parents for that, they just didn’t know,” she says.

After chasing the (somebody’s) dream, and landing a series of dead-end jobs, God used a sneeze to jolt her into action with a purpose. Gillespie knew she had a condition that blocks spinal fluid which would eventfully lead to nerve damage. On March 6th 2013 a late night sneeze resulted in a pain so sharp, she fell to the floor. The pain started in her arm and went throuth to her pinky.

Gillespie had surgery on April 1st, was out of the hospital in seven days and recalls that, “When I say God blessed me, God, He and I together, rocked that surgery,” she says.  “That moment taught me. This condition and the after effects of the surgery are thorns in my side. But they are the things that always keep me humble, always dependent on God, always going back to Him and never doing my own thing, because I can’t operate in life without Him. And I’m thankful for that, because I don’t know how my life would be or what I would be doing if I did not have this thorn in my side, this thing that keeps me so deeply connected to God. From that moment forward, everything about my life is about walking in purpose.”

Gillespie made one last attempt at squeezing into the “Corporate America” box, and after being fired within 6 month she began working her business full time, and has been successful since. Keep your eye out for Gillespie, the Purpose Seekers Tour is the first of more motivational workshop tours to come!

The ladies left it all on the floor for Dallas. Guests left the event inspired, full, and most importantly, ready to live a prosperous life in their purpose!

For more information and to find the Purpose Seekers Tour in a city near you, go to www.thepurposeseekersschool.com 

Accessories In The Nude 2017 Fashion Show

“If you aren’t wearing the right accessories, you may as well be nude.” -Meko Krout.

For nine years, Accessories In the Nude has produced the highly anticipated A.I.N. Fashion Show! On Saturday, July 22nd, at the Esé Azenabor Fashion Gallery, A.I.N. held its annual showcase where the 2017 Accessory Designer winner was announced. Six local designers also showcased their collections.

Out of a necessity to support fashion production, creator/owner, Meko Krout founded A.I.N. in 2008.

“We started off wanting to do a fashion show, then decided to branch off into helping other designers build their brand,” she says.

According to Krout, wardrobe designers get highlighted more. “We wanted to focus on accessories and make it a competition,” she says. “Our goal is to help designers build their dream and keep building. The winner receives  money  towards their business.”

A portion of the proceeds from this year’s showcase will be donated to the  non-profit organization, The Birthday Party Project! TBPP  provides birthday parties to homeless children in the metroplex.

Krout explains that, “The decision to donate a portion of the proceeds is because we always want to give back. The Birthday Party Project gives back to children! They have birthday parties for homeless children! I try to have people visualize. How did you feel when you had a birthday party experience growing up? Everyone should have that experience. I thought that was something fun, and something everyone would want to jump on.”

“It is a blessing that we continue to grow,” says Krout. “Shout out to my A.I.N. team, especially [Executive Producer] Willie [Johnson].  I think he loves the brand as much as I love it. We couldn’t do it without him, and the entire team; the makeup team and everyone who steps up and assists.”

Master  of Ceremony,  Housewives of Dallas star, LeeAnne Locken kept this fashionable event rolling, while DJ M*Knight rocked the house, setting the stage for the show.

The competition!

This year’s winner is Michael “Bow Tie Mike” Williams. Mike has been designing bow ties since 2005 when boredom inspired his creativity.

Last year’s winner, Tina Peters announcing Bow Tie Mike as this year’s winner.

“I was bored with seeing the same style of ties over and over again,” he says. “I wanted something that stands out. Something to draw people’s attention; get people going. I wanted to do something to put smiles on people’s faces. This tie took five days to create,” says Bow Tie Mike.

Mike is a humble, yet appreciative artist. “Bow ties are my life. God is good!”

Look for Bow Tie Mike @bowtie_mike on Instagram

The show!

Six designers. Six collections. Plucked from Dallas’ Fashion Scene. Indigo 1745, Yvonne Johnson, House of No Lady, Jamel Hawk, RADKEEM SIMS, Uyo by Udoh Atelier and Josette Couture made up the montage of futuristic, innovative, avant-garde looks that set the runway on FIRE!

Indigo 1745


This collection was eclectic and easy to wear.


Yvonne Johnson


A fun, colorful collection with class.


House of No Lady


This collection was jaw dropping. A literal take on survival of the fittest.


Jamel Hawk


The swanky side of calm, cool, and collected.


Radkeem Sims


Stylishly daring, this collection is for the Bad Girl/ Bad Boy hidden inside.


Uyo by Udoh Atelier


Afro beats and chilled drinks. This collection will have you summer festival ready.


Josette Couture


This lady sings no blues. The Josette Couture collection by Josette Gollatt is classy and feminine, with just enough drama.

“I love black. Black is beautiful baby, and white is alright. And what makes us both the same is the Red, the Blood. That is where I come from, says Golatt.”

Gollatt is not new to fashion. Her experience spans from her childhood and continued throughout adulthood.

Gollatt says, “I started sewing at nine with my lunch money. I started then.”

Even as a young girl, Gollatt knew that she had a gift, so she did-away with patterns.

“I wanted to experiment, so mistakes weren’t mistakes,” she says.

“It’s great when someone else loves what you love, and it’s ok if they don’t. That’s the cherry on top, because when you’re designing, you’re in your own headspace, in your own zone and you have to do what comes out of you first -not concerning yourself about anybody else.”

Finally, if you love fashion, you will not miss the 2018 show. Stay in the know. Follow A.I.N. on Instagram @ainshow.

For more information about being a part of the A.I.N. Showcase, visit Accessories in The Nude Showcase or e-mail Meko Krout at mekokrout@accessoriesinthenude.com.

Photo Credit: Cy Davison- Beyond Reach Media

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number!

I’m a few years away from being forty, a mom of two, and my husband and I are eight months away from our tenth wedding anniversary. I think it’s safe to say that I’m seasoned with noteworthy life experiences, and for the most part, I’ve settled into who I am confidently. But that doesn’t mean that I’m unwilling, too old or too set in my ways to embrace change (or a little fun).

We planned a five day getaway to Grand Bahama Island, Freeport, Bahamas with my brother, his girlfriend, and my cousin and his wife. My anticipation for the trip grew daily in the months leading up  to the trip. Between feeling my way through this new blogger-life and work-life balance stress, I NEEDED THIS TRIP!

We aren’t new to traveling. My husband and I travel with groups of friends regularly, and it’s always a good time. This trip was a little different because I was traveling with my brother (his girlfriend) and male cousin (and his wife), and both couples are a decade younger than us! Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a damn good time. But, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I was concerned about how things would play out being a generation older than the other couples. We automatically claimed our roles as the elders of the group, along with a list of things that “we” do  (or don’t do) while on vacation. You know, in true old people fashion.

Y’all, this was the best destination vacation trip I’ve been on to-date! The island was crazy, sexy, cool. The people where friendly and welcoming. Our travel group was lit! And I learned three valuable lessons from this trip!

Always, always, always be that girl!

Photo by: CreateHer Stock

I’m mindful about keeping it sexy and spicy at home, but when it comes to vacation all I want to do is relax! I pack books and loungewear for all vacations. The girls reminded me that even while relaxing, I should to be sexy and spicy for my man. A vacation without the children is the perfect scenario for taking a few additional minutes to oil up from head to toe, throw on a face and prance around scantily clad all day and into the night.

Don’t put so much focus on age appropriateness (especially while on vacation) and relaxation that you miss the opportunity to be reminded of the girl you were when you were younger, and playful undivided attention from your man.

Seek out the fun you want to have and make it happen!

Photo by: Shebatty

We wanted to experience night life on the island. We asked around, googled a few spots, then called a taxi! While out, we twerked, drank more drinks and took more shots than we should have, and did a damn good job of being hype-men for whomever we pleased. With  five days blocked out, there was plenty of time for sleeping in and nap time.

Let your hair down, order the extra drink, take the shot and dance like nobody is looking! What happens on vacation stays there…well kind of, social media has blurred those lines a little. But, there is no crime in wilding out every once in a while.

Expect the unexpected (and still have fun)!

Photo by: CreateHer Stock

When we finally arrived to our destination, all I wanted to do was freshen up and lay down for hot second, but, of course, our room wasn’t ready. Then, a few days into the trip, someone came down with a stomach virus. Inconvenient? Yes, but we didn’t allow those moments to ruin the entire trip.

Hurry up and wait is definitely a thing during travel. Flight delays, long lines, getting sick, and hotel rooms not being available until check-in are inevitable, so make the best of it. In most cases, your significant other is the only person you might inconvenience on a trip. The rest of the group will find their way and make the best of the situation. Yes, everyone will wish you well with hopes of you getting well or ready soon, but the show will go on. When things are more under control or you start feeling better,  hop on the party train and enjoy your time.


Wheels Up!

We are slightly into the second half of 2017 and I have no complaints. God had blessed me, my family and friends alike. Phone calls report good news, goals reached, and the squad is stepping out on faith with blessing two -fold. I made a conscious decision to grab the bull by the horns this year and go to it. 
As with all things, when there are ups there will be downs. I did go through a couple of months of feeling stuck in a rut, and experienced some emotions that I can’t say I’ve ever felt before.
Have you ever felt like running to the edge of a cliff and screaming until the sound disappeared? That’s where I was at. However, in the midst of my disparity I was comforted, because I knew that I was in a state of growth and this was yet another storm that I would have to overcome. 
I am blessed to have mentors who pour into me. I also have a praying mother, and a therapist who doesn’t mince words with me. So seeking council is never an issue. 
I allowed myself time to experience the emotions I was feeling at the time. I took some time to clear my mind, and took some time for selfcare. I’m in a much better place, and happy to be moving forward.
Work-life balance for momprenuers is a juggling act, it’s a lot of work, requires sacrifices, but it’s what we thrive on, and we would not trade our passions for the world. And in the same breath, all the hard work, and time and attention we put into everything and everyone else is deserving of coming full circle for us . And by full circle I mean VACATION! 

We’ve had this vacation planned for months and I am elated that the time has finally come. Hubby and I burned rubber getting our girls to their grandparents house. My plans include late nights and “Did we sleep through breakfast?” mornings. You can definitely call me an Island Gal for the next couple days, and I can’t wait to tour the city with my new Sony a6000! 

And I got my people with me! 

This weekend is going to be one for the books. To stay up to date with my vacation, follow me on social media (links available at the bottom of the Home page)!

Meet Me at The Show -The Texas International Hair & Trade Show!

There is a buzz around town, and it’s all about The Texas International Hair & Trade Show! All stylists and beauty industry lovers are welcomed! 2017 marks its 17th annual production. The show is Sunday and Monday, June 25 – 26, with a kick-off party Saturday, June 24th, that you do not want to miss!

Party of the year!

The TEXAS INTERNATIONAL HAIR SHOW Kickoff Party is going down at Akoi Lounge 13465 Inwood Rd (directly across from the Galleria Mall). A-list stylists, barbers, makeup artistS, fashion designers, models, socialites, and bloggers will be in the building for this birthday bash, meet and greet, kick-off party!

Birthday bash?  Yass! Miss “Success Anyone?” herself, Cratina Webb (Girl Talk Salon and Spa’s CEO, and Texas Hair Show director) is the birthday girl, so you know it’s going to be a  Gemini/Cancer TAKE OVER!

After the show is the…You know the rest, but after this party, ‘gon-on to the house and rest up, because Sunday and Monday are both full of events, competitions, and the latest and greatest in International Hair!

The show

Celebrity guests include: Christian Keyes, K104’s Dede in the Morning Show team, Big Bad D, Tracy Jones, Zerlene Rogers and more…..

  • Education! Color classes, natural hair classes, barber classes, nail classes, and business classes! Learn how to start and or grow your business.
  • Live demos from the most sought after, influential stylists in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.
  • Vendors! Get in on the cool fashion finds your stylist rocks.
  • THE HAIR BATTLE! It’s live and the absolute most  exciting part of the show!

This WILL be the greatest show in TIHTS history!


Cleary, the show’s main focus is bringing the latest, most innovated products and techniques to professionals (and y’all already have those tickets purchased, I’m sure). However, the general public is welcomed as well! Now, we aren’t privy to everything, but we are welcomed to enjoy,  all  show events and competitions. So, if you have hair, had hair, love hair and the industry in general, GET YOUR TICKET TODAY! Pull your best and most comfy outfit out, whip your hair, and beat your face, cause we are in that thang y’all!

contact info

Tickets are available through EventBrite. Find out more about TIHTS via Facebook (FB Texas Hair Show Media Group), InstagramTwitter, email INFO@TEXASHAIRSHOWS.COM or TEXASHAIRSHOWS.COM, or by phone at 903-926-7211 or 972-322-6996!

Photo Gallery

Enjoy a peek of what’s in store from last year’s shows!