The 2017 Extreme Prom Makeover Experience – Studio 21 Salon!

Every girl deserves a day to feel like a princess. To be made the center of attention. To sit in all anxiousness as the curling wands spin and the powder puffs, digesting the sound wisps, ticks and clicks of the magic that happens in those very moments. 10 all-deserving, scintillating young women won an extreme prom makeover for their Senior Prom, sponsored by Project 16 DFW, Studio 21 Salons, and Lil Lizzie’s Foundation.

Terrific Two

Studio 21 is celebrating their two-year anniversary this year, and the series of events is nothing less than “You Should Be Here!” In proper order, the salon kicked off the chain of events by giving back, partnering with Project 16 and Lil Lizzie’s Foundation to make a dream come true for 10 high school seniors by providing hair, makeup, and a photoshoot for prom! We are bringing you a behind the scenes look at day that will go down as no less than a day dreams are made of for Ivory, Dominique, Nayeli, Nautica, Ajah, Aaliyah, Tamya, I’yonna, and Jasaja.

Anticipation filled the room as early as 8am as the girls arrived and things started rolling.

There were side conversations going on, music playing in the background, and refreshments to boot. Coffee was the cocktail of the hour in the preparation for the day’s events, and  organization and teamwork played a major role in the success of this project. The plan was in place, stations were set and the team showed up READY!


The girls preselected their styles on their shopping day,so the curling irons were hot  and the stylist best equipped to curate their requests were assigned to them. Robin “Honey” George @honeygeorgehair, Felicia “Marcel Queen” Green @texastylistfeliciagreen, and Phylice “Lady Silk” Teamer @anointedhands25 chopped and whirled those tresses into bouncing, flowing, exotic slays.

For the Love of Honey!
Marcel Queen in the building!
Lady Silk, need I say more?


The makeup artists marched in focused with their makeup kits in tow.Watching them set up made me feel like a unicorn in fairy tale land. The girls were encouraged to “go for it!”, and no games were played. Amiya @studio21mua, Joanna @fernormfaces, Valerie @lipstickcurlsstudio, and Fai painted and served face, hunty!

Amiya #thefacebeata!
Lipstick & Curls Studio!!

Mother Jade

Project 16 is clearly Lady Jade’s @ladyjade104 baby.She set it out for those babies, y’all! No detail was untouched. Lil Lizzies provided the beautiful gowns, shoes and accessories that adorned each girl. The young ladies were able to pick their looks from head to toe. I’m not sure if there is any sequin or sparkle left in DFW, cause this even was blinged out! DJ Khaled’s Shining comes to mind when I think of it all.

The creating the set

Once hair and makeup were done and the girls were dressed, it was time for one of the most anticipated parts of the day, the photo shoot! Let me start by saying that this fabulous backdrop was made, byhand, by Alyson Collins. She inflated every balloon, then strategically placed them along the wall like a cascading ray of sunshine and lollipops. I seriously wanted to go home, put on a sparkly gown and come back for my own photo op.

Lights, camera, action!

Studio 21 Media is a force to be reckoned with! Behind the scene photos were taken by John Carter @jcvision_video, and there were three photo stations set; a headshot station with photos by Tydus Cleveland @obey_tytuswayne, the glam spot with photos by Daniel Wheat @d_wheat and outside photos by William Washington @extremeworksstudio. Talk about loving your craft and getting the shot! The best part was seeing them encourage one another and admiring each others shots.

The event came to a close with all the girls center stage, jamming out to a group photo shot. The room was full of love, smiles, and  tears of joy. The girls were so thankful for the experience and the opportunity they had been given to not only attend, but Slay prom 2017!

Studio 21 Salon is located at 830 Mayfield Rd #580 in Grand Prairie, Tx (across the street from the new IKEA)! We are a full service hair salon (including natural hair and loc maintenence), makeup, photography and videography. For inquires call 972-264-2600 or visit us online at  

More behind the scene shots for your viewing pleasure.

The Experience – Studio 21 Salon!

Eight months ago I attended a makeup class at what I like to call a “hidden gem” of a salon.   When I arrived at the location I was a little confused, because the name of the establishment and what I’d looked up online listed a hair salon. But when I got there and walked through the doors, a beauty baby grand piano greeted me in the foyer, and  a textured wooden wall served as the backdrop. It felt classy and rich. I walked through to a waiting area, the decor had changed. Black walls, crisp, clean white walls. Still rich, but the vibe was more street- around the way. A little past there was a transitional type space. The walls were still black, but there was also a rippled tin wall, and it took all of about 5 minutes before I realize that there was a mural painted on a wall in a street art fashion. My final destination was clearly a photography studio. One side of the room was white. The other side had a stage, and another wooden textured wall accented with elegant mirror art. “I’m here for a makeup class, but I need to find out more about this place!” 

Studio 21 Salon is a salon like no other- that I have experienced.

Located in Grand Prairie, TX, the 4,500 square-foot facility is equipped with a full service salon: 4 stylists, a loctician, braider, threader. The salon also houses a full service makeup studio, professional makeup artists, photography and videography studio, and media team.

The inspiration  and concept of Salon21 was curated by the owners, brother and sister, Jerrod Collins and Amiya Cleveland.

“Part of the inspiration was filling a gap that was there, and loving photo shoots! My brother, Jerrod is an amazing designer. He put everything together. It looked really nice and brought class to the table.” Amiya explains, “You can go from a ‘walk-in’ to having a photo shoot. But, you know that. You’re a model.”  

I don’t consider myself a model, but I have thoroughly enjoyed “the experience” of hair, makeup, and a photoshoot at the salon.  Since attending the makeup class in August of 2016,  Studio 21 has become my go-to! I frequent the salon as a walk-in for wax and threading services. I also love that Studio 21 offers a full list of natural hair care services, loc maintenance and styling. I’ve had my locs styled, and my daughter has  her natural hair treated and styled as well. 

The lights, studio chairs, and ambiance of the makeup studio make me feel like a star.

I just sit back and let the magic happen.  Amiya ‘The Face Beata’ slays and is always on point!  She’s done my makeup for events ranging from formals to concerts. Amiya did my makeup, and Studio 21 media did THIS photo shoot. She also did my makeup, and my hair was styled by Jerrod in the Rouge issue of Honey Be Natural magazine.

Graduation season is vastly approaching and prom season is now.  This can be a stressful time for students and parents scheduling hair appointments, makeup appointments, buying a dress, tux or outfits. You want to have photos to commemorate all of it. Studio 21 gives you the option to come get your hair and makeup done, then have a photo shoot all in one stop! “We have lots of options, so people can come in, get taken care of. You can even get dressed here and leave for prom from here! ” -Amiya Cleveland


Glow up, Girl!

If you’ve read my O to 100 post, then you know that I’ve been obsessed with makeup for about four years. Seeing it written is kind of shocking to me. Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long in real life. But life has happened and I have no complaints about that. I’m finally getting into a groove and practicing  recurrently.

I am generally a brand loyal person. Makeup is the one thing I am not at all brand loyal with.  Trying out different products in makeup is the only way to find out what works best. My skills are continually improving, your girl is glowing up! I’m not a professional yet, but watch out world. I’m starting to branch out a little!

I ran across these pictures from a makeup party I attended 4 years ago. This picture tickles me today, because I remember being so proud of my finished product. I also thought I was the teachers pet, having  the most product knowledge in the group.  Bless my heart.

If we fast forward to today, there have been improvements even since the 0 to 100 post was made in September of last year. I’m proud to say that I feel like I’ve mastered the art of highlighting and contouring my face.  However, I am in the process of finding the perfect hydrating foundation (for my normal to dry skin) in an affordable long-wear (12+ hour) formula.

As with everyone, I have good brow days and bad brow days. More good than bad, so I won’t complain! My struggle area was and still is eyes. My lids are oily and hooded, so finding shadow pigments that don’t crease and transfer is one issue, another is my ability to place the pigments on my lids in a way that best displays the colors and helps to make my eyes looks more open. I also need to work on winging my liner.

Be sure to subscribe! April will be the kick off of my ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ series. First up, and liner (wings)!


Makeup Buying Tips for Beginners

There are so many trends in makeup these days. Some of them are so over the top that even professionals have to shake their heads in disbelief in total amazement.

I absolutely LOVE a good “beat.” But with the exception of an occasional social event, holiday ball or maybe a photo shoot, I’m at work, then home with my family. I am my own paparazzi, and post my own pictures. So why do I feel the need to have a full-on “beat” whenever I am leaving the house? It’s simple. Looking good is kind of a thing, and I love all things fashion and beauty.

Breaking into the world of beauty/cosmetics is fun, but it can also be intimidating and pretty frightening. I have put together a few tips that will help take the edge off your first venture into makeup buying.

Seek individualized professional advice. There is a difference between a “Beauty Influencer” and a “MUA (Professional Makeup Artist)” and it helps to know what the difference is. Scouring the internet with hopes of pinpointing the products you should use to accomplish the flawless images you see posted online will leave you overwhelmed and out of a lot of money. Beauty Influencers are sometimes MUAs, but they mainly provide information based on product functionality resulting from work they do on themselves. MUAs work primarily with others and have been classically trained in the art of makeup application, sanitation and the color wheel. Speaking to a MUA on an individual basis will provide a personalized list of suggested products that should work best for you.

Find an Esthetician, start getting facials, and develop a cleansing regimen. Any makeup, no matter the brand or cost, works best on clean, well treated skin. Estheticians are licensed beauty professionals who specialize in skin care. It’s best to know your skin type and to be aware of chemicals and/or processes that may cause skin irritation. An Esthetician can help you with that. Estheticians can also assist you in nursing damaged skin back to health, and help you find a cleansing regimen and product line that will work best for your personal needs.

Dupes (Duplicates) are your friend.  When I initially got into makeup, I did what everyone does. I grabbed $50 and headed to the closest MAC counter expecting to get a full face worth of products. Please laugh out loud, cause I am! I was excited when I arrived, but I walked away feeling defeating with only blush, lipstick and lip liner (and I didn’t really know how to use any of it). I was also angry that three items went over my $50 budget.

Dupes are lower end products that either function closely to their higher-end counterparts or they match in color -this is when beauty influencers come in handy! Find a dupe video. Dupe videos take all the guess work out of buying drug store brand products. There is absolutely no need in spending money on high end products if you do not know how to properly use and apply them. Practice makes perfect, and you’ll need plenty of it. Trust me when I say that you’ll be less angry with yourself for wasting the product out of a $10 bottle of liquid liner vs. a $32 bottle of liquid liner. There are also drug-store brand products that work just as well as department store brands for up to less than half the price.

Utilize classes and redeemable through purchase services offered by brands and cosmetic stores. Google and YouTube provide great visuals and tutorials for skin care and makeup applications. But beauty brands and cosmetics stores also offer tutorials and some offer hands on classes as well. Ask about the programs available when you are out. The next time you’re at the mall, stop by all the cosmetic counters and ask about their redeemable through purchase services. Check out the links provided below !

Sephora  offers a host of Beauty Sevices, Beauty Classes and Store Events

Makeup For Ever offers One on One Makeup School classes, as well as hands on group Makeup Mastery classes. These classes are paid for or redeemable through purchase. They also offer Pro Tips and short How To videos on their site.

MAC offers demos, lessons and applications that are paid for or redeemable through purchase.

Optimize your experience. Visit the makeup counter during low foot-traffic times of the day verses going during hi foot-traffic times. It increases your chances of getting undivided attention from the MUA on staff. It’s ok to let them know that you’re new to this. The more they know, the better service they can provide. Make a list of the products you want as well as a list of questions that you need answered. Go in with the understanding that even with professional help, makeup is trial and error. Use a product more than once before finalizing your opinion of it.

My last  tip for beginners is to just be you! Makeup is art and a form of self expression. There is no right or wrong. You can be as creative as you want to be with it. Practice makes perfect. You got this!!

0 to 100

My love for makeup has progressed over the past 5 years into a slight obession. One of the things that I love about makeup is its ability to tranform me into whomever I feel like being for a day.

I didn’t wear anything more than eyeliner, mascara, and or lipstick, prior to 2009. A decision to dramatically cut my hair inspired me to play around with more products. I was willing to give makeup a try, but I had some hard rules on the subject.

  1. Nothing heavy. The last thing I wanted was to feel like I had 3lbs. worth of product on my face.
  2. Not too much. I did not want to look like I had makeup on.
  3. I will not fill in my brows. Brows weren’t as big a thing then as they are now. My goal was to stay far away that trend.

My stipulations and unwillingness to research the craft of makeup application left me wearing the exact same products, but with more variety in lipstick shades.

About two and a half years into my journey, I was introduced to blush – Oh, girl, where have YOU been all my life? I instantly fell in love. I started paying more attention to how women around me wore makeup, and wanted to learn what techniques to use to make makeup look better and more professional.

YouTube helped me learn about shadows and makeup brushes, and how to use them. I bought some cheap eye shadow pallets in a variety of colors and practiced,practiced, practiced. It didn’t take too long before my shadow application game was in point.

I still stayed away from powders and foundations, but grew found of a certain tinted mositurizer. It offered light but buildable coverage, and came with SPF.

Keeping up with the trend, my interest quickly shifted to the infamous contour and highlight. I rushed out and bought a popular drugstore brand’s foundation in 3 shades: one to match, one 2 shades too light, and one 2 shades too dark. Still cognizant of the heaviness of the foundation, I only used this technique for special occasions and events. 

Needing more coverage. The brand I bought the tinted moisturizer from dicontinued the formula. This left me feeling panicked. Afterall, I’m starting to get into this – people stop to ask me who does my makeup.

I set out to find a mid-range priced product with the perfect formula for my normal to dry skin. There are a plethora of brands and formula options, with several things to consider:

  • How much coverage is provided
  • Will the formula irritate your skin
  • What’s the finish of the product
  • Does it self prime/set
  • Does it have SPF
  • How bad does it transfer
  • Is it worth what it cost

I’m still into light to medium coverage, and I have dry skin, so I’m not crazy about matte-finish products. But, I don’t like walking around looking Vaseline coated either. To maximize on time, I like using products with primer included and I like SPF to be included in the formula as well. My price point is $50 or less.

Strobbing? I’m still riding the Trend Train – all aboard! So, there is a new way to “highlight” called strobbing? I promise I spent an entire day scouring Instagram and YouTube researching this technique. Luckily, it’s pretty simple and just about any product that swimmers and shines can be used.

Contouring and color correcting. At this point, in my mind, I’m a self-taught MUA (makeup artist). I’ve graduated from using 3 shades of foundations to color corrector, foundation, comcealer, contour kits, and bronzers. I love a bold lip. On the days that I want to keep things simple, I wear a bold lip, blush and lashes.

As much as I love a good beat, I don’t wear makeup everyday and don’t have an issue with leaving my house without any on. I have become a bit of a makeup hoarder. I keep my purchases under control, and my collection doesn’t have many duplicates.

What do you love or hate about makeup? Comment in the comment section.

Flapper Girl For A Night

My husband and I went to “A Night At The Cottonclub” Harlem Renaissance party a few weeks ago. I was excited about the event because it gave me a reason to dress up and try a new makeup look paying homage to the Roaring 20s!

It didn’t take long to find an outfit. Whenever I’m looking for vintage/time period pieces, I go to Modcloth and Amazon. I ordered two complete outfits, one black and one gray. I wasn’t sure which dress I’d love until I had a chance to actually put them on. So I waited patiently and in the meantime…

I watched a number of YouTube videos, stalked Instagram posts and scoured the internet to find a look that would be perfect for me. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Josephine Baker and Bessie Smith.

I practiced in my makeup for a month and finally created a look that I was proud of.


The most exciting thing about this look for me was gluing down my eyebrows and drawing on thin ones.

Once my dresses came in I decided to go with the Gray dress. It matched my husband’s suit better and was more flattering on me.

It took almost a full hour to do my makeup but I had a great night and hit the nail on the head with this look.


Wig, headpiece, pearls, stole, beaded dress, pantyhose and pumps.


The night was awesome!


I almost snatched the wig off about 4 times. It was hot under there.


Relieved to finally be out of the wig. I will definitely where this look again, with full brows next time though.

Third time’s a charm

It’s been a month since the last time I had my locs colored professionally.  I explained in my The Wizard of Locs post about the process I went through, having my locs colored. The first application was too dark, the second too bright. I’m pleased to say that the third time was a charm, I’m finally happy with the color of my hair.

I am not a cosmetologist and even though I’ve worn my hair natural for the past five years, I prefer to have it professionally done. However, I wasn’t willing to spend anymore money having it professionally done in efforts to achieve the color I desired.

I was able to refer to two professionals who confirmed that my hair had been lifted enough and that I just need to find the semi or demi – permanent color I was looking for. (I do strongly recommend having a professional do the bleaching [lifting] process to reduce the chances of severely damaging the hair) The light purple color that had been applied was much brighter than I’d desired and by the second wash it had faded horribly.

I used Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to seek out not only the color I wanted, but a brand that was well known for not fading as quickly. I ordered the color Violet, by Pravana. Pravana is a professional brand, but there is a version of their ChromaSilk VIVIDS line on the Internet. I purchased mine from


Eventhough I had spoken with two professionals and had done my research, I stilled struggled with the thought of applying the color myself. After watching a few more YouTube videos, reading a few more reviews/blogs and reading the instructions in the box, I decided to go for it. There was just one issue…the color needed to be applied to the back portion of my hair. I can’t see that area without a mirror behind and in front of me, and the #1 warning I saw on every review for this product was that it would easily stain anything I came in contact with and would be hard to get out.

I had to turn to my BFF/BFB for assistance. We were both beyond skeptical of my decision. My husband was puzzled and in shock that I would even consider allowing him near my hair for such a task. The color application didn’t require anything more than saturating the hair with the color, there was no mixing involved, and I was confident that he could handle that. I read the directions to him and got everything in place. He soon realized the task was all that detailed and was up for the challenge.


Once he got started my nerves set in.

That awkward moment when you realize YOUR HUSBAND IS COLORING YOUR HAIR!!

His enthusiasm was adorable. He was more concerned about the outcome than I would have imagined and quickly became delighted with his “skills”. We wanted to be sure that all the locs were saturated with the color and used a little over half the tube.

I followed the instructions and allowed the color to process at room temperature for 20 minutes, then washed it out. The reviews were right about staining. There was a lot of product in my hair, it took four washes to finally see semi-white suds and clear water while rinsing,and yes my tub is stained.

Despite having to scrub the tub, for what seemed like forever, I think he did a GREAT job!


I’m pleased with the outcome so far and I’ll check back after three washes.


The Wizard of Locs

Fall is here,  it’s my most favorite season. One of the first things I do to my hair when fall arrives is darken it.  I usually highlight or go with all over color in the summer. Changing my hair color in the fall is an is an inexpensive way to change my look for the season.

I always go with reds, bright tones for the summer and deeper tones for winter.

Red/Auburn and Dark Brown

It occurred to me that I haven’t had black hair in quite some time -it’s been at least 4 years. This year I decided to switch things up a bit and tap into my true self a little. I’ve been wanting to go purple for quite some time now. Due to my corporate job, I’d always decided against it. Due to the damage that would result from bleaching, my stylist wasn’t down and told me to give it time and hopefully the crazy urge would pass

I put much thought into the decision. My stylist was right because time has made some purple tones more acceptable in the workplace. I called her up and let her know that THIS YEAR, WE G’ON DO IT. I want PURPLE LOCS FOR FALL!

I know my stylist, I knew that she would not be too keen on bleaching my hair, especially this (dry air) time of year (fall/winter). I scoured social media for the perfect shade of royal. After my color consultation and taking all factors into consideration, including the health of my locs, I settled on black with a splash of purple in the back.

(Some of these pictures are poor quality, I apologize about that.) The back portion of my hair was lifted to a light brown color.


Then a semi-permanent color, Indigo was applied to that area and black to the rest.

The results…


I was happy with the black, it was just what I’d hoped it would be. The color was ok, but I expected it to be more visible. However, it was a nice start and good transitional color for work. Two weeks later I had the back lifted again, this time to a gold color.

Goldie Locs

Then the semi-permanent color Light Purple was applied.


I’m happy that the color is visible. It’s a little more visible than I’d anticipated, but it’s cute. The black overlays so much of the purple that it doesn’t look as bright as it actually is. I get a lot of compliments and I’m really enjoying it so far.


Dilettante Beat….

Hi, I’m Shebatty and I’m obsessed with makeup! It’s a moderately severe obsession that I try to contain as much as possible, for financial reasons specifically.

I was the woman who wore eyeliner and lipstick and swore I was DOIN’ IT. Thanks to my beautiful mother, I have clear skin and I’m not too blotchy either. I’ve always had some type of daily cleansing regimen. My signature daily cleansing system is Mary Kay’s (MK)Timewise .


3 in 1 Cleanser, Microdermabrasion; refine and replinish, night solution, day solution, firming eye cream, age fighting moisturizer, tinted moisturizer

I cleanse my face every morning. But, I must be honest, I’m horrible with my night time routine (especially if I don’t have any eyeshadow on). I’m working at getting my night time routine on track to help in all areas of my life. I’ll have to blog about that some other time… Use this link to see the details on what steps to takes with your MK daily cleansing products. (The products that I have and use have been listed in the photo above.)

Once I apply my MK Tinted Moisturizer I’m finished with that product line (when doing an everyday look, for night looks I apply MK foundation primer). Since I like to have morning affairs with my bed and pillows, most days I’m rushing. A rushed morning translates to -drum roll please.

Fresh Face Day look:

On these days, I fill in my eyebrows, appt eyeliner, mascara, blush, lipstick, and pressed powder. I know it’s dangerous, but as long as my tinted moisturizer is in and I’ve done my brows, I can do all the other steps en route to dropping my daughter off and work.

Days that I actually get up, without snoozing, when my alarm goes off, I Have time to work in a

Mini Beat Day look:


On these days, I fill in my eyebrows, apply eyeshadow, top and bottom eyeliner, mascara, blush, lipstick, and pressed powder. I have to have enough time to do my brows, and shadow before leaving the house on these days, all the other steps en route to the job. Most times if I’ve applied my shadow I’ll do my whole face at home.

I’m married and the mother of a young child. So on the rare occasion that I go out, I like to intensify my looks a little more. That doesn’t mean that I go full-on Hollywood, Photo Shoot beat, but I definitely like for my makeup to pop in some form or fashion.

MUA For a Day look:


Ok ok, this look isn’t really much more than Mini Beat Day 😣. I’m in the process of purchasing products to learn how to do more advanced foundation applications. To include; daily highlighting techniques (something that is applied daily and not too over the top) and, highlights and contouring.

It has only been 5 years since my interest in makeup was piqued. I’ve also been raising a child during that time, I work full time and I’m a wife. So my, interest, time, and attention span are all affected by by those things. None of my looks are much more extensive than the pictures in this post, but stay tuned there is more to come.



The number one question that I’m asked about my hair is, “What kind of dreads are those?” After wearing loose natural hair for about three years I had microlocks installed.


“Oh, microlocks, I thought those were Sisterlocks. So, what’s the difference between microlocks and sister locks?”, is usually the next question.

Sisterlocks is a trademarked hairstyling method. In order for locs to be considered “Sisterlocks” the person installing them has to be certified through the Sisterlock program. Sisterlocks are beautiful, I love the versatility they offer as far as styling options. But, my personal opinion is, they cost too much, and some certified sisterlock consultants are just that -certified, not experienced.
My stylist is not certified to install “Sisterlocks”, but has over 15 years experience with natural hair and locs. I saved hundreds of dollars having her install my locs. To this day, I can honestly say that having my locs installed was the best hair decision I’ve made.