A Beautiful Beast

Nutrition is important. Exercise is important. Follow my plus size fit health and fitness journey.

Getting Out of the Box - This post was really difficult for me to share. I sat on it for almost a week. It’s amazing how comfortable we allow ourselves to become within labels. The biggest challenge in this, for me, is leveling up once I lose the label. A Week of Realizations On Monday of last week the workout was weighted … Continue reading Getting Out of the Box
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and a Schwinn! - Thursday, April 13th I enjoyed the mobility workout so much from the week before, that I decided to start my workout week on Thursday to get in a good stretch before throwing any weight around.  As expected, Thursday didn’t disappoint. I was a little surprised at the workout, only because I figure mobility day should … Continue reading The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and a Schwinn!
Burpees, Bars, and PRs - Last week’s workouts were full of excitement and personal records (PRs). I feel like I’m finally hitting mt stride again with my workout regimen and it’s such a great feeling!  I workout at a Crossfit gym, but haven’t quite gained the strength and stamina to do Crossfit workouts. Not performing at the Crossfit level is a … Continue reading Burpees, Bars, and PRs
2 Thumbs Up Week 2 - Manic Monday Monday, like every other Monday, was dreadful, but I’d packed my bag the night before, prepared a nutritious lunch, and packed snacks, to ensure I’d have enough energy for the workout. I made sure that I ate well and kept up with my water intake during work. I got to the gym and … Continue reading 2 Thumbs Up Week 2
Getting Back in the Saddle - Never Miss a Monday I ended my workout hiatus this week. So far so good. When I showed up on Monday, I was embarrassed, afraid and walked in with my tail tucked. But the fam welcomed me back with open arms and, as usual, it was like I hadn’t missed a beat -until the workout … Continue reading Getting Back in the Saddle
Transparency… - I follow quite a few blogs, ordinary people and a elect few celebrities. Their lives are smilingly perfect. Everything runs on schedule, they are smiley and (appear to be) happy people. Their lives seems to just roll without a hitch…blah, blah, blah. Welcome to my world! Where more times than not, we fly by the … Continue reading Transparency…
A Beautiful Beast - I grew from a cute chubby little girl into a beautiful fat women.   DISCLAIMER: If the word fat offends you, then this isn’t the place for you. I’m a realist, I keep(s) it real. Fat is a part of what I am (and i’m making efforts to change that), it’s not who I am. … Continue reading A Beautiful Beast