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A makeup artist, I am not, but I do love makeup! I am excited to share all the things I’ve learned and welcome you to join me in learning even more, while perfecting my craft. My monthly makeup challenges with weekly “practice makes perfect” tutorial posts are sure to get us there in no time!


Makeup and Beyond -A Chat With Celebrity MUA Frederick ‘Fred4Face’ Saunders - @Fred4Face There aren’t many people who can honestly say, “I love what I do,” but there are a few and celebrity MUA, Frederick Sanders is one of them. His looks have graced red carpets, album and magazine covers, and been seen center stage on host of celebrities; Regina Hall, Shirley Cesar, MC Lyte, The Clark … Continue reading Makeup and Beyond -A Chat With Celebrity MUA Frederick ‘Fred4Face’ Saunders
A NIGHT FOR THE STARS AWARDS THE BEST IN BEAUTY, ATTRACTS NATIONAL ATTENDANCE - On Sunday December 3, 2017, Trish Hill, a Dallas-based philanthropist, entrepreneur, and owner of Salon N’vious, in partnership with The Trish Hill Foundation, hosted the 6th annual A Night for the Stars beauty industry awards show and gala, attracting national attendance from the best and the brightest in the beauty industry including: Naja Rickette (WE … Continue reading A NIGHT FOR THE STARS AWARDS THE BEST IN BEAUTY, ATTRACTS NATIONAL ATTENDANCE
TONI&GUY Style Menu Simplifies Your Holiday Glam - TONI&GUY introduces Style Menu just in time for the 2017 Holiday! This style option trio is guaranteed to simplify your style needs this holiday party season, and at only $45 it’s a deal you can’t pass up. I attended a Style Menu pre-view blogger event at the Hillcrest location in Dallas, TX. Style Menu options … Continue reading TONI&GUY Style Menu Simplifies Your Holiday Glam
Hill Harper Discusses His New, Natural Grooming Line And The Importance Of Product Knowledge In The Black Community - “I couldn’t be more proud of these products. They’re about health. They’re about wellness. They’re about making you smell good, feel good, look good and they check a lot of boxes -they hit home on a lot of levels. They’re premium quality products that are healthy for you and your skin, but at the same … Continue reading Hill Harper Discusses His New, Natural Grooming Line And The Importance Of Product Knowledge In The Black Community
Séxūal By Michel Germain - Séxūal by Michel Germain was founded on love and is a romantic fragrance, frequently referred to as, “A love note in a bottle.” Michel Germain Michel Germain, a French-Canadian Perfumer for more than 25 years, known for his prestigious fragrances. Germain credits the sustainability of his brand to creating a storyline that stands out and … Continue reading Séxūal By Michel Germain
Simple Autumn Glow - Fall is my favorite season. I love everything about it, from crisp air, to chilled breezes, to snuggling up with my boo next to a fire, to wrapping up in a plush blanket with a book and let my imagination run wild. Another thing that I love about Fall is the fashion, swraters, turtle necks, … Continue reading Simple Autumn Glow
My Experience At The Makeup Show Dallas! - For the past two years I’ve wanted to attend the Makeup Show in Dallas, but, without any industry credentials, I couldn’t even pay my way into the show! [Insert 2017] I made it to The Makeup Show Dallas and my experience was utterly amazing! The show itself is the “ha-ha,” providing a wealth of information,  resources … Continue reading My Experience At The Makeup Show Dallas!
More Locs! - General Loc Maintenance Wearing locs is great, and one of the best things about wearing them is low maintenance! When I say low maintenance, I mean almost no maintenance. I get my roots interlocked (retightened) every six weeks, and try to wash my hair every ten to fifteen days. I may miss a wash day here … Continue reading More Locs!
My Frenzy For Fenty - Fenty Beauty by Rihanna launched at the stroke of midnight on Friday, September 8th and is all the rage (see my immediate reaction below)! Fenty Beauty is EVERYWHERE, but does the brand really measure up? There was no way I was willing to let this product sell out before I got my hands on it, so … Continue reading My Frenzy For Fenty
Accessories In The Nude 2017 Fashion Show - “If you aren’t wearing the right accessories, you may as well be nude.” -Meko Krout. For nine years, Accessories In the Nude has produced the highly anticipated A.I.N. Fashion Show! On Saturday, July 22nd, at the Esé Azenabor Fashion Gallery, A.I.N. held its annual showcase where the 2017 Accessory Designer winner was announced. Six local … Continue reading Accessories In The Nude 2017 Fashion Show
Hair Extravaganza at The Texas Intern’l Hair & Trade Show - I attended my first Texas Hair Shows’ International Hair Show, the Texas International Hair and Trade Show, this year. And I have to admit that I must have been living under a rock for the last sixteen years, because the show was amazing! I’ve attended hair expos in the past, so I had a general … Continue reading Hair Extravaganza at The Texas Intern’l Hair & Trade Show
The Black Bridal Experience Fashion Show - Our Weddings Magazine is a bridal lifestyle magazine that excluIsively promotes the Black bride and the Black groom. Its Publisher, Ivy McCain (BLI Publishing) saw a need for the uplifting of Black love and marriageafter hearing several youth state that Black people don’t get married. McQuain immediately began working to create a vehicle to remind … Continue reading The Black Bridal Experience Fashion Show
Pretty Girl Pillow - Pretty Girl Pillow, curated and founded by Ashley Turner in April 2017. Yes, girl April! Yes, girl it’s only June, but, when God puts a fabulous, innovative new product on your heart you do what He says, and get it on the market! it was all a dream Pretty Girl Pillow is literally a dream … Continue reading Pretty Girl Pillow
Makeup Mixer with Glamour Rx - Glamour RX kicked off an Initial Introductory series, where its founder, and celebrity MUA, Bridgette Washington is personally conducting makeup classes with small, intimate groups  in the Dallas/Froth Worth Metroplex. Let me start off by saying, “I’m sold!” I’m on a mission to lessening the toxins in my beauty routine, and Glamour RX  is a win-win … Continue reading Makeup Mixer with Glamour Rx
Greatness Within -10 Shades Of Success - I attended the 4th Annual 10 Shades of Success Gala in Dallas TX. 10 Shades of Success was founded by Dallas’ own Meko Krout and Karen Michelle, whose mission, through 10  Shades of Success, is to bring forth influential, empowering and successful women; utilizing their involvement in the community to generate awareness towards charitable initiatives. … Continue reading Greatness Within -10 Shades Of Success
My Top 5 Beauty Influencers - Beauty is in the eye of the be-blah…blah…blah…blah! It’s 2017, and beauty is whatever you want it to be. You like what you like and I like what I like. That doesn’t make either of us wrong, just different.  I’ve listed the top five influencer that I draw inspiration from. Jackie Aina Need I say … Continue reading My Top 5 Beauty Influencers
The 2017 Extreme Prom Makeover Experience – Studio 21 Salon! - Every girl deserves a day to feel like a princess. To be made the center of attention. To sit in all anxiousness as the curling wands spin and the powder puffs, digesting the sound wisps, ticks and clicks of the magic that happens in those very moments. 10 all-deserving, scintillating young women won an extreme … Continue reading The 2017 Extreme Prom Makeover Experience – Studio 21 Salon!
The Experience – Studio 21 Salon! - Eight months ago I attended a makeup class at what I like to call a “hidden gem” of a salon.   When I arrived at the location I was a little confused, because the name of the establishment and what I’d looked up online listed a hair salon. But when I got there and walked through the doors, … Continue reading The Experience – Studio 21 Salon!
Glow up, Girl! - If you’ve read my O to 100 post, then you know that I’ve been obsessed with makeup for about four years. Seeing it written is kind of shocking to me. Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long in real life. But life has happened and I have no complaints about that. I’m finally getting into … Continue reading Glow up, Girl!
Makeup Buying Tips for Beginners - There are so many trends in makeup these days. Some of them are so over the top that even professionals have to shake their heads in disbelief in total amazement. I absolutely LOVE a good “beat.” But with the exception of an occasional social event, holiday ball or maybe a photo shoot, I’m at work, then … Continue reading Makeup Buying Tips for Beginners
0 to 100 - My love for makeup has progressed over the past 5 years into a slight obession. One of the things that I love about makeup is its ability to tranform me into whomever I feel like being for a day. I didn’t wear anything more than eyeliner, mascara, and or lipstick, prior to 2009. A decision … Continue reading 0 to 100
Flapper Girl For A Night - My husband and I went to “A Night At The Cottonclub” Harlem Renaissance party a few weeks ago. I was excited about the event because it gave me a reason to dress up and try a new makeup look paying homage to the Roaring 20s! It didn’t take long to find an outfit. Whenever I’m … Continue reading Flapper Girl For A Night
Dilettante Beat…. - Hi, I’m Shebatty and I’m obsessed with makeup! It’s a moderately severe obsession that I try to contain as much as possible, for financial reasons specifically. I was the woman who wore eyeliner and lipstick and swore I was DOIN’ IT. Thanks to my beautiful mother, I have clear skin and I’m not too blotchy … Continue reading Dilettante Beat….