Midwife Assisted Births -The Calm, Natural, Mom-Lead Delivery Option

While home, water, and birth center delivery is slowly rising amongst childbearing women, midwife assisted births are still a somewhat taboo subject. Deciding on the best prenatal and delivery method is a decision that all expecting mothers are faced with. Educating yourself on the steps involved in the various methods of bringing a new person into the world will ensure that you make the best decision for you and your baby. LaQuita Brazile shares her journey to midwifery, and defines their roles and capabilities.
Brazile comes from a family of educators -three generations of educators, to include her sibling, who was also an educator at sometime. She too became an educator, but something changed for her after stepping in to support a good friend throughout a pregnancy and childbirth. Shortly after the experience Brazile came to the realization that being just an educator was not the purpose she was meant to serve.
“I started really thinking about it and doing my research with the first birth that I did. But after the second birth, I started contemplating and was like, ‘This is it. I’m good. I’m not going back to teaching after this year.’ I decided to resign after my fifth year of teaching and just went for it,” she said.
A midwife is a licensed healthcare professional who takes care of the clinical aspect of prenatal care, labor, delivery, and after-birth care for healthy women. They may deliver babies at birthing centers or at home, but most can also deliver babies at a hospital. Midwives have assisted women with childbirth since the beginning of time. However, unlike physicians and doctors, there are no medical school and residency requirements necessary to become a midwife. But there are requirements; in the state of Texas, a person has to complete written and clinical requirements within a five year period to attain a license in midwifery.
Brazile completed her academic and clinical requirements in March of 2018 and attained her license in November of that year. And explained that she has primarily been a home birth midwife and is now a staff midwife at The Nest Birthing Center, located in Mansfield,Texas. She enjoys assisting her sister midwives in which she has developed a supportive and trusting relationships with.
“I hold my interviews there to give them an idea of what a birth center looks like -it’s a mutual place to meet if they don’t really know where they want to birth. They get to tour it, so they can have options; and if they want to have a birth center birth, this will be the place that they will have their baby if they decide to have me as their healthcare provider,” she said.
The natural progression of childbirth has been met with mainstream technology and practices, skyrocketing the number of (C-Section) cesarean section births in the U.S. (United States). CDC (Center of Disease Control) reports show that the percentage of C-Sections for first-time expecting mothers in the U.S. has risen from 20.8% in 1998 to a staggering 32% in 2018. And the number of low-risk pregnancies ending with C-Sections in the U.S. rose from 18.4% to 26% in the same twenty year time span.
Society’s push to “get the epidural” for painless deliveries, or to pick your baby’s birthday and  “schedule that C-Section” is enticing and seemingly effortless for new moms, with overly busy lifestyles. But how many of those C-Sections are absolutely necessary? Unfortunately, many women lack the knowledge and are afraid to ask the questions necessary to fully understand the process of natural childbirth, and find themselves being fast-talked into the operating room.
“You have to trust in your health care provider and your health care provider has to trust in you. And you -in your body, as in, letting you know that your body can do this. I allow the person to be who they are. I have no judgment, whatever you prefer to do -as long as it’s within normal limits of your pregnancies. There is no judgment in your situation, your choice, your religion, your lifestyle. My concern is your whole well-being and baby’s well-being. If you’re going to have an out of hospital birth, you have to be low risk.”
A licensed midwife is trained to recognize the variations of the normal progress of labor, and understand how to deal with deviations from normal. They may intervene in high risk situations such as breech births, twin births, and births where the baby is in a posterior position, using non-invasive techniques.
Often times, the role of a midwife is confused with that of a doula, so Brazile explained, “A midwife and a doula. A midwife pretty much does the clinical side of things. Our job is to monitor the birthing persons pregnancy throughout, and, as well as, the labor and the delivery and the postpartum. So, instead of going to an OB (obstetrician) -go to your midwife,” she said.
“You will see your midwife just as often as you would see an OB. From early pregnancy to 28 weeks you’d go to your midwife every month, once a month. Then, when you hit 28 weeks to 36 weeks you see your midwife every other week. And then from 36 weeks to birth you see them every week; and we do the blood work.
Now a doula is pretty much your friend, your coach, your advocate and who helps you with your nutrition. They help coach you throughout labor -labor sit, and help you with different positions. They also get you and dad, if there’s a dad or partner in the picture, to understand the needs of the birthing person. Just, pretty much try to get the flow and the relationship going, and understanding of the process of birth. Some doulas only do labor and postpartum. Some doulas only do labor. You have doulas that do prenatal labor and postpartum. You may just have a postpartum doula. Bereavement doulas, abortion doulas. There are a lot of different doulas,” explained Brazile.
When a pregnant woman requires care beyond the midwife’s scope of practice, they are referred to an obstetrician, or primatologist -medical specialists in complications related to pregnancy and birth, including surgical and instrumental deliveries.
“So as I mentioned before, like a midwife, if you are seeking midwifery care outside of the hospital, you have to be low risk. But, if something does arise throughout the prenatal care and it can still be monitored and you can still have your baby outside of the hospital, but you still need an OB’s expertise in it, it will be like your co-caring with the doctor. If you don’t necessarily need an OB just stick with your midwife,” she said. “Now, OB is for high-risk. You know, say for instance if you have gestational diabetes that you need insulin or have preeclampsia or you have certain situations that will keep you from having a baby outside of the hospital. If you know that you may need a caesarian, your best bet is to be in the hospital. I’m not against hospitals at all because midwifery is not my last stop,” she said.
“So I would like to be a women’s health or family nurse practitioner someday as well as keeping my licensure as a midwife. I desire to serve underserved persons and families, especially pregnant incarcerated persons someday,” she said in closing. For more information about services and care options, Brazile can be reached via email at midwifelaquitabrazile@gmail.com



June 4, 2019


World of Art makes its debut to DFW featuring 100+ artists, vendors and performers representing various cultures from all over the world!

(DALLAS, TX – MAY; source: Creative Currency) – Arlington’s newest entertainment mecca, TEXAS LIVE! debuts , World of Art, a festival of cultures featuring 100+ artists of different mediums. The event encompasses the experience of traveling the world all in one day and features various forms of art including visual artists, fashion designers, music, dance, food and more! The event takes place Saturday, June 29th from 3pm-11pm at Texas Live’s outdoor concert venue Arlington Backyard. World of Art will be hosted this year by Alanna Sarabia, host of Good Morning Texas.

The first event of its kind to enter DFW, conveniently located in Arlington, a perfect centered location between Dallas and Ft Worth, World of Art, guarantees to create an experience that DFW has never experienced before. Guests don’t have to board a plane to see the world; rather, they can enter the brand new World of Art, festival of cultures.

World of Art is curated by Creative Currency, a local PR and Brand Management agency who has specialized in hosting multi -art showcases in the metroplex for over 6+ years. Producing 25+ large scale showcases and festivals featuring over 1000+ artists, Creative Currency is excited to produce its first ever festival to focus predominantly on world cultures. Featuring a plethora of local artists hailing from all over the world, this new breed of festival creates the perfect platform for global performances, allowing for guests to experience a worldwide cultural explosion. The event includes musical acts, visual artists,performing artists, fashion shows, and even international food and drink vendors to allow for a fully curated global experience.

The festivals mission is to showcase how diverse in culture DFW is as a metropolitan area. As an immigrant to America from the Philippines, World of Art’s Director Sarah Badran, found solace in migrating to Dallas, TX where she discovered that Dallas is a multicultural epicenter. “This festival is special because it allows guests to discover just how diverse Dallas is as a city all in one event. We are excited to curate an experience that celebrates inclusion and highlights new up and coming talent and small businesses throughout the city. We are all coming together to celebrate the world and the city,” Badran said.

As one of America’s fastest growing cities, DFW boasts several hubs of culture throughout the metroplex. The festival makes its premiere at Texas Live, a dynamic $250 million world-class facility in the Arlington Entertainment District nearly 200,000 square feet inside of the 5,000-capacity outdoor event pavilion.

Tickets are currently on sale and range from $20 GA to $60 for a 4-pack: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/world-of-art-festival-tickets-58755775105. World of Art is still currently taking submissions to be a featured artist.To apply to be a featured artist/vendor, see a full list of featured artists and find out more information/updates about World of Art please visit www.worldofartdfw.com.

Event Info:

WORLD OF ART :June 29th 3pm-11pm

Texas Live/Arlington Backyard

1650 E Randol Mill Rd Ste 120, Arlington, TX 76011

FREE Parking

**Located 15 min from Downtown Dallas & Ft Worth

Keeping Families Connected Presents Creation Of Fashion 2019 EPIC Charity Fashion Show

Keeping Families Connected presented its third annual fashion show fundraiser, Creation of Fashion on Sunday June 1, 2019. Hosted by the former Bravo TV Real Housewives of Atlanta and the ultimate southern belle, Ms. “everybody knows” Phaedra Parks; M2 The Rock’s host Michael Molthan; with special guest appearances from TV Personality Jamila Davis; and VH1 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Scrap Deleon.

The show featured collections from Bravo TV’s Project Runway Season 17 contestants Venny Etienne, Levinity, and Lela Orr, Ferrah. International brands such as Forever21, Guess and GAP graced the runway. As well as local brands Yik Styles and LZVT Womenswear.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Keeping Families Connected Founder, Leticia Scott-Jackson, and Red Carpet Host, Steve Kemble

“Listen -if you know me you know I always start my conversation with listen,  here’s the deal! Keeping Families Connected is a 501c3 Organization that came about through a personal passion of my own,” said Founder Leticia Scott-Jackson. “Keeping Families Connected provides free transportation to correctional facilities throughout the state of Texas for individuals who have incarcerated loved one, but we especially love the kids.

I used to be ashamed to tell people that I was wrongfully convicted, but you know what? People gonna talk anyway, so I learned to let people judge and I learned to please God. Because if I please God, at the end of the day I can please his people. So, I started this organization once I came home from the Federal Camp, because I met so many women that did not get to see their children, and family is important to me.”

Scott-Jackson hand picked the hosts and special guests for this year’s show due to their personal experiences with incarceration.

Phaedra Parks

The highly regarded entertainment attorney, Phaedra Parks is the managing partner of The Parks Group, P.C. Parks is a best-selling author, funeral director, entrepreneur, and political and social activist.  The father of her children, Apollo Nida, was recently release from prison after serving more than 3 years for fraud and identity theft.



Steve Kemble and Michael Molthan

Micheal Molthan, once known as one of the best luxury home builders in the country, lost it all to drugs and alcohol. After more than 3 years in prison, and a spiritual awakening, Molthan is now the host of M2 The Rock; where he talks about solutions addiction, alcoholism, and unmanageable habits.

Jamila Davis

Jamila Davis, a self-made millionaire by the age of 25  is an author, motivational speaker, and television personality who spent 9 years in Federal Prison for bank fraud.  The injustices she experienced in prison lead to an intense journey of inner healing and restoration. Davis as since developed a book series designed to help incarcerated women heal, recognize their potential and recapture their dreams; she’s also a co-founder of WomenOverincarcerated.org, and advocacy group created to she light on and rally for sentence reform  for the lengthy sentences of non-violent female federal  offenders.


Scrap Deleon

Scrap Deleon is a recurring cast member on Season 5 of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Deleon served 3 years in prison for drug trafficking,  was recently released less than 90 days ago.


Keeping Families Connected is committed to sustaining family bonds through gruesome circumstances.


“We need donations, we need volunteers, we need your support, because my husband and I have been funding this organization for four years, so some of you may have just heard about us, but we’ve been doing God’s business. You can give to organization by going to the our website it’s www.keepingfamilyconnected.org and you can sign up for the newsletter, it goes out monthly and will keep you abreast of what we’re doing,” said Jackson-Scott.

*All photos taken by SheBatty*


Urban Prosperity Encourages Women to ‘Secure The Bag’ At Its Inagural Permission To Prosper Conference

Living our best lives and “getting the bag” is a recurring theme in this day and age. Financial technology and media company, Urban Prosperity, was created to help women do just that. Whether it be a corporate quest or an entrepreneurial journey, Urban Prosperity is here to help women overcome fear, insecurities, and  self-doubt by providing the resources necessary to take the necessary steps to make dreams and aspirations come true.

Urban Prosperity -The Mission

I have been a corporate warrior and leader for the past 19 years. I’ve lead numerous roles across wealth management and sales and operations. So there was a consistent theme; personally and professionally that I would talk to women, collaborate with women, and meet women who found it challenging to talk about money. 

About ten years ago a calling was placed on my heart to help women. With my daughter graduating (early) from college last year I knew it was time for me to launch the business and to do it full time. Urban Prosperity was launched in June 2018. The mission of the company is to help women achieve financial wellness and we do it in four ways: content, courses, coaching, and community.

Urban Prosperity Founder, Nikki Kee Brown

The Permission to Prosper Conference is not our first event, but it’s our largest event to-date. The goal is for it be an annual event that really reinforces our community pillar because I believe that financials and financial discussions can be scary. Financials are very emotional. Our financial behaviors are tied to our upbringing, our parents, and our family.  It can be really heavy to unpack all of that so it’s better to do it with a community of like-minded women; women who have experienced similar things or women who are on a trajectory where you want to be. Permission to Prosper really was a conference that was meant to be empowering enlightening, but also informative,” explained founder, Nikki Kee Brown.

The conference was held at the Westin Galleria in Dallas with breakout sessions, three panel discussions,  exhibitor booths, photo ops, as well as a swanky VIP lounge, and hosted more than 250 women.
Breakout sessions were conducted by Kristi Jackson, founder of Women CEO Project, who discussed how to leverage social media to make money daily; Nicole Purvy, founder of Better Than Success Real Estate League and Podcast, who discussed how to flip, hold and secure the real estate bag; and career coach and speaker, Ashley Cash who discussed navigating negotiations in the workplace.

Give Yourself Permission

Wazzam Supa, founder of The Crayon Case cosmetics; Claire Sulmers, founder of The Fashion Bomb Daily; and Tiara Calhoun-Smith, founder of Sugar Suite Lounge discuss how and when they gave themselves permission to prosper.

The panel details the situations that made them give themselves permission to prosper.

Wazzam Supa explained that, “When I was broke, when I was on live doing makeup everyone was like, “oh what you using what’s that, what’s that?” So I was like, I’m about to start selling this stuff if they keep asking. So they kept asking and I did my research and I started selling it,”

While Claire Sulmers detailed the experience of mixing big dreams with poor planning and said, “I started off as a journalist, I was working in magazines, I was trying to break into the fashion department people were looking me up and down saying that fashion wasn’t for me. I ultimately decided to quit my job.

I have a degree in French so I moved to Paris and just told myself that I wanted to work for Paris Vogue and I wanted to break into fashion that way. I did not plan properly and I was broke. I was working on my blog the whole time and by the end of my time in Paris I got my first big advertising check for blogging and I’ve been working for myself full time ever since then.”

Tiara Calhoun-Smith had a story relatable for many and explained that, “If you’ve ever had anything taken away from you from a man that says oh that’s mine not yours.” She relayed that the moment her car was taken away she was like, “You know what? I don’t need your shit”. That gave her complete permission to prosper.

Tools To Success

Career Coach, Ashley Cash

Once you give yourself permission to prosper it’s important to not only have a plan, but to be well prepared for rejection and growth.

Ashley Cash is a local salary negotiations coach and explained that, “Three things to do to nail an interview are knowing your own skill set, your results, and what you bring to the table. Don’t worry about being poetic or ‘let me put on my interview voice’ it’s literally a matter of here’s what I do and these are the results that I’ve gotten companies and that’s it.

Think strategically. Think ‘how can I further this person’s interest in me by asking a thoughtful question. This is what I know about the position now, what question can I ask that shows them that I’m really thoughtful and I’ve done my research? How can I make a question work for me?’ So they think ‘wow, she’s a really overall a good fit, she’s really thought through this.’ I think that maybe three to four questions in an interview makes sense.”

Creative Collective Founder, and Communications Director of at Bravo and Oxygen Media at NBCUniversal Media, LLC, Imani Ellis

Imani Ellis is the founder of Creative Collective NYC and the Director of Communications at Bravo and Oxygen Media at NBCUniversal Media, LLC provided pointers for aspiring writers. In addition to research, she suggests finding writers within your same genre who are also women of color. Also spilled some tea on pitching dos and don’ts.

“What you want to do is write a very thoughtful pitch – not too long, but two paragraphs, and people love compliments. So I usually start with ‘love the piece you did on’ fill in the blank, hyperlink it to the piece that they wrote. 

The worst is a reporter who writes about barbecue getting a pitch about ballet. You really want to be thoughtful. And when it comes to things you shouldn’t do, I think it’s blasting out very specific pitches to hundreds of people. We can tell. The second thing is also just being super mindful of what the turnaround in a media day looks like. So, not following up maybe two days later and being like ‘following up’. I always like to say ‘bringing this to the top of your inbox’, because they’re human just like we’re human. It’s like dating. If it doesn’t work out this time, it will work out the next time,” she said.

Getting to the Money with Urban Prosperity

Urban Prosperity’s goal is to ensure women are equipped with the tools, resources, and network to prosper financially.  Visit http://www.urbanprosperity.co for more information  on the financial content, one-on-one coaching, self-paced courses, and community events offered.


Dana Harper Talks New Music In Live Interview With SheBatty

Most of us were introduced to the angelic voice of Dana Harper in 2016 during Season 11 of NBC’s hit show The Voice, but Dana tells me that she’s been singing for as long as she can remember. Which means that most of us got the short end of the stick and have a lot of catching up to do. Luckily, Dana has been in the studio working on an album and dropped her first single Friday, April 5th 2019.

The Interview

I caught up with her shortly before the single dropped at a local event where she gave up some tea on the new single and what to expect from the album. Click here to see my interview with Dana Harper

Her new single ‘Ice Cream’ can be found on all streaming platforms.



Does Your Love Language Influence Your Valentine’s Day Expectations?

Do our Valentine’s Day expectations fall in line line with our love language, or do they have more to do with the seriousness of our relationship and how long we’ve been in that relationship?

To help with finding the answer to my initial question,  I gathered the opinions of seven individuals from different backgrounds and lifestyles, and these were the results.

Acts of Service –The 5 Love Languages describes this love language as doing anything you can do to ease the burden of responsibilities

My husband I have been married for a decade (that sounds like a long time) and as I think back through the years, my idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift has changed on a pretty steady rate. My love language is acts of service, so on the occasions that I ask for gifts I’m specific about what I want. I don’t put a lot of pressure on my husband on Valentine’s Day, cause I’m a Daddy’s Girl. I like for my husband to be our girls’ Valentine, because I expect to be my dad’s.

Words of Affirmation –The 5 Love Languages describes this love language as Doing something for your spouse that you know they would

#1 Interviewee  -this male lover of affirmations has been married for a little over ten years, and even though on a normal basis Valentine gifts aren’t really a big deal for him, there are situationally motivated one-offs that prompt him to ask for something specific, yet simple. He usually buys practical, useful gifts.

#2 Interviewee -my second interviewee likes to be affirmed as well. This single male explained that gifts aren’t really a big deal, he’s always associated Valentine’s Day as a day for women. However, he pays attention to what his lady talks about and usually buys gifts that knock it out of park.

Quality Time –The 5 Love Languages describes this love language as giving your spouse undivided attention. Talking and listening.

#3 Interviewee -Married for three years, this male interviewee likes undivided attention. He’s not particular about the gifts he receives, and  feels that it’s the thought that counts. He appreciates whatever he’s given. He loves to plan romantic date nights for him and his boo.

#4 Interviewee -Valentine’s Day is still a really big deal for this recently engaged bride-to-be. Since her love language is quality time, she totally expects something romantic that’s geared for couples. Gifts aren’t necessary for her when time can be spent and memories can be made.

#5 Interviewee-Eight years of marriage and two children later, this working mom looks forward to a nice evening of quiet time with her man. Even though she loves quality time, on Valentine’s Day she is always over the moon to receive Valentine candy.

Gifts –The 5 Love Languages describes this love language as a gift says, “He was thinking about me. Look what he got for me.”

#6 Interviewee -After twenty-two years of marriage, all she wants is for her husband to buy something that costs more then “$199.99”. She explained that yes, she does like receiving gifts, but around the fifteenth year, she longed for something that wasn’t purchased from a cheesy valentine day jewelry commercial.

#7 Interviewee -With a little more than two years of marriage under her belt, this interviewee said, and I quote. “He better give me something, and I’m not talking about one long-stemmed rose either.”

Both of the ladies explained that when it comes to flowers, yes they are nice, but there is no need to spend an excessive amount of money on them. They’d much rather prefer a more bang for your buck bouquet. After all, flowers die after a week.

Physical Touch –The 5 Love Languages includes holding hands, hugging, kissing, sexual intercourse, are all expressions of love.

No one fell into this category, or maybe they were just too shy to share.

What is your love language and how do it correlate to your expectations on Valentine’s Day? Please share in the comments section.

Bree Moore Productions Celebrates Its 5th Year With The Bree Moore Fashion Show 2018

The Show

Fashion influencer Bree Moore, founder of Bree Moore Productions, presented her 5th fashion show in Dallas, Texas, at the vintage and discreet Bath House Cultural Center located on White Rock Lake early November 2018. The runway showcased the talents of cultural creatives, a growing demographic that puts an emphasis on cultural experiences and the ability to create. Bree Moore Production Fashion Shows are designed to entertain  Dallas’s fashion enthusiasts and demographic in unique venues, displaying the talents of rising designers. Proceeds from the event benefit the Bree Moore Productions: After School Program.

The Entertainment

The night was cold, the venue was cool, but DK So4Kis keep it hot on the 1’s and 2’s along with hosts Kesha Keesh and Becky the Poet. Lyricists Flower Child provided live entertainment adding more blaze to the stage and keeping the crowd hype. As the premier sponsor, Tekeen Wines kept the drinks flowing throughout the night.

The Creatives

The designers for this year’s show included: Yik Styles, Susie Mania, Rancho Semental, Chief By Ubong, Designs By Ne’Ameriise and Anti By Chanira. Styles ranged from Western Chic to Sexy & Seductive to Futuristically Fluid to Avantgarde.

More About Bree

Moore, a fashion merchandising, marketing and management graduate of Wade College, prides herself on tapping into every dynamic of the fashion industry.  She is currently the wardrobe assistant and costume designer at Amphibian Stage Productions as well as a proud student member of the Fashion Group International Dallas Chapter. Moore’s additional experiences in fashion include interning for CK Diamond Berlin, photo shoots and fashion shows styling and showroom work in the Dallas Market Center. She’s also been guest of honor and presented designs at local fashion shows. Visit http://www.breemoore.com for more ways to connect.



LOS ANGELES, CA – In the modern day conversation about race, this is a perspective that never gets talked about: what it means to be biracial and grow up in a white world. Bill Posley grew up happily identifying as both black and white. But at ten years old he learns the world does in fact judge a book by its color, and even though he’s half white he’s labeled as 100% black. Does a young comedian have to get rid of his whiteness, to be the color he’s “supposed” to be? Being biracial means that your identity “is on trial.” You don’t look like either side of your family so you wind up feeling like you are on an island all your own. Black people want you to claim being black and white people, well, they just want to touch your hair. You think you have to choose, but society has already chosen for you.

The Day I Became Black, written, produced, and performed by biracial comedian Bill Posley, tackles themes in society, not just through a Black lens, but through a Biracial one as well. The number of multiracial people is growing three times faster than the population as a whole, not to mention people who come from different religious/political backgrounds and people who have gender identity issues. We’ve all been forced to identify at one time or another, or worse, feel like a fraud trying to identify with more than one group. This show finds the comedy in the struggle of trying to fit in and trying to just be yourself.


Bill Posley – Bill served as a soldier in the United States Army. Shortly after high school, he was activated and sent to Iraq. After serving 15 months overseas, he accumulated all the footage he had taken during his tour and made a short documentary that got him into film school. As a comedian, he is an alumni from UCB, I.O. and Second City. He was in the 2017 CBS Diversity Showcase, was a 2017 JFL New Face of Comedy: and just got off this Season of MacGyver and this season of Fox’s 911. He will be in the new Season of Glow on Netflix.

The Day I Became Black

Written by: Bill Posley

Performed by: Bill Posley

Directed by: Bente Engelstoft

Produced by: Brittany Belland and Kristen Boule’

FEATURING: Bill Posley


LOCATION: The Los Angeles Theater, 2cents Theater, 514 S. Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90013

 Nominated for Best of Fest in the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival, The Day I Became Black tackles themes in society, not just through a Black lens, but through a Biracial one as well. Multi-racial people are growing three times faster than the population as a whole, not to mention people who come from different religious/political backgrounds and people who have gender identity issues. We’ve all been forced to identify at one time or another, or worse, feel like a fraud trying to identify with more than one group. This show finds the comedy in the struggle of trying to fit in and trying to just be yourself.

TICKETS available at https://dayibecameblack.brownpapertickets.com/




The Texas International Hair Show Presents The Natural Life!

Natural hair is a lifestyle -yes a lifestyle. Whether you’re a product junkie, YouTube guru or an “I’ll make an appoint” type of girl, natural hair takes time and attention to maintain its health and be vibrant. An added accessory to any look, natural hair is versatile, charismatic and timeless.

The 2018 Texas International Hair and Trade Show’s Natural Life department has searched far and wide to bring you trend-setting, innovative, and the most sought after professionals in the world of natural hair. Natural hair educators, stylists, exhibitors, wearers and spectators are welcomed to be part of our hair world.


2018 Natural Life Celebrity Guest Stylist

You’ve seen her innovative, game changing styling on Beyonce, Zoe Kravitz and Brandy! Susy The Purple Unicorn, aka AfricanCreature, owner of “HairBySusy” and creator of the Lemonade braids and the Zoe braids.


2018 Natural Life Classes

Sunday June 24, 2018

11:00 to 12:15 The tricks and truths about dreadlocks Syreeta Baker

12:30 to  1:45 Locs Jese Webb

Monday June 25, 2018

11:00 to 12:15 Braid Elevated Ms. Nelly

2:00  to 3:15           Revolutionizing the Natural Experience           Cyrita Jackson

3:00  to 4:45         The Business of Loc Extensions                      Paulette Anderson


2018 Natural Life Showcase and Competitions

The Natural Life Showcase and Competitions offer a grand prize of $500. 2nd and 3rd place winners are awarded trophies.


  • Crochet Styling


  • Loc Styling
  • Braid It Up
  • The Silky Sensation
  • Largest Afro


Showcase and Competition details, and entry forms can be found at www.texashairshows.com/natural-life-competitions-and-showcase/

Email: naturalhair@texashairshows.com

or call: 469-969-3575 or 916-750-5290

with questions or concerns.

Pre-Father’s Day Bow Tie Pop-up featuring BowTie Mike

Inspired by the creative, busy traveler with an entrepreneurial spirit, AC Hotel by Marriott®in downtown Dallas is proud to host a very special Father’s Day pop-up featuring Dallas-based luxury bow tie designer, BowTie Mike (https://www.instagram.com/bowtie_mike.com), winner of the 2017 Accessories in the Nude designer competition,on Wednesday, June 6, from 5 PM – 8 PM.The pop-up will feature a wide selection of the luxury bow ties and BowTie Mike will be making bow ties onsite. The free event welcomes the public to find the perfect, one-of-a-kind gift for dad. The reception will take place inside the AC Lounge at the AC Hotel – Dallas Downtown located at 1712 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75201 in the historic Mercantile Commerce Building.

Visionary, creative director, and founder of BowTie Mike, Michael Williams, began his journey in fashion as a freelance wardrobe stylist and started creating bow ties after having a difficult time finding the perfect neckwear for a major editorial magazine spread. Using unexpected materials from snack packages to his grandmother’s old high-end dresses, Michael’s hobby quickly became a calling and has since been recognized and won several awards and even caught the attention of celebrity clients including, Denzel Washington and Grammy award winner Bilal.

 With Father’s Day quickly approaching, June 17, AC Hotel’s bow tie pop-up makes it easy to find an exceptional gift for every type of father.