Does Your Love Language Influence Your Valentine’s Day Expectations?

Do our Valentine’s Day expectations fall in line line with our love language, or do they have more to do with the seriousness of our relationship and how long we’ve been in that relationship?

To help with finding the answer to my initial question,  I gathered the opinions of seven individuals from different backgrounds and lifestyles, and these were the results.

Acts of Service –The 5 Love Languages describes this love language as doing anything you can do to ease the burden of responsibilities

My husband I have been married for a decade (that sounds like a long time) and as I think back through the years, my idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift has changed on a pretty steady rate. My love language is acts of service, so on the occasions that I ask for gifts I’m specific about what I want. I don’t put a lot of pressure on my husband on Valentine’s Day, cause I’m a Daddy’s Girl. I like for my husband to be our girls’ Valentine, because I expect to be my dad’s.

Words of Affirmation –The 5 Love Languages describes this love language as Doing something for your spouse that you know they would

#1 Interviewee  -this male lover of affirmations has been married for a little over ten years, and even though on a normal basis Valentine gifts aren’t really a big deal for him, there are situationally motivated one-offs that prompt him to ask for something specific, yet simple. He usually buys practical, useful gifts.

#2 Interviewee -my second interviewee likes to be affirmed as well. This single male explained that gifts aren’t really a big deal, he’s always associated Valentine’s Day as a day for women. However, he pays attention to what his lady talks about and usually buys gifts that knock it out of park.

Quality Time –The 5 Love Languages describes this love language as giving your spouse undivided attention. Talking and listening.

#3 Interviewee -Married for three years, this male interviewee likes undivided attention. He’s not particular about the gifts he receives, and  feels that it’s the thought that counts. He appreciates whatever he’s given. He loves to plan romantic date nights for him and his boo.

#4 Interviewee -Valentine’s Day is still a really big deal for this recently engaged bride-to-be. Since her love language is quality time, she totally expects something romantic that’s geared for couples. Gifts aren’t necessary for her when time can be spent and memories can be made.

#5 Interviewee-Eight years of marriage and two children later, this working mom looks forward to a nice evening of quiet time with her man. Even though she loves quality time, on Valentine’s Day she is always over the moon to receive Valentine candy.

Gifts –The 5 Love Languages describes this love language as a gift says, “He was thinking about me. Look what he got for me.”

#6 Interviewee -After twenty-two years of marriage, all she wants is for her husband to buy something that costs more then “$199.99”. She explained that yes, she does like receiving gifts, but around the fifteenth year, she longed for something that wasn’t purchased from a cheesy valentine day jewelry commercial.

#7 Interviewee -With a little more than two years of marriage under her belt, this interviewee said, and I quote. “He better give me something, and I’m not talking about one long-stemmed rose either.”

Both of the ladies explained that when it comes to flowers, yes they are nice, but there is no need to spend an excessive amount of money on them. They’d much rather prefer a more bang for your buck bouquet. After all, flowers die after a week.

Physical Touch –The 5 Love Languages includes holding hands, hugging, kissing, sexual intercourse, are all expressions of love.

No one fell into this category, or maybe they were just too shy to share.

What is your love language and how do it correlate to your expectations on Valentine’s Day? Please share in the comments section.

Bree Moore Productions Celebrates Its 5th Year With The Bree Moore Fashion Show 2018

The Show

Fashion influencer Bree Moore, founder of Bree Moore Productions, presented her 5th fashion show in Dallas, Texas, at the vintage and discreet Bath House Cultural Center located on White Rock Lake early November 2018. The runway showcased the talents of cultural creatives, a growing demographic that puts an emphasis on cultural experiences and the ability to create. Bree Moore Production Fashion Shows are designed to entertain  Dallas’s fashion enthusiasts and demographic in unique venues, displaying the talents of rising designers. Proceeds from the event benefit the Bree Moore Productions: After School Program.

The Entertainment

The night was cold, the venue was cool, but DK So4Kis keep it hot on the 1’s and 2’s along with hosts Kesha Keesh and Becky the Poet. Lyricists Flower Child provided live entertainment adding more blaze to the stage and keeping the crowd hype. As the premier sponsor, Tekeen Wines kept the drinks flowing throughout the night.

The Creatives

The designers for this year’s show included: Yik Styles, Susie Mania, Rancho Semental, Chief By Ubong, Designs By Ne’Ameriise and Anti By Chanira. Styles ranged from Western Chic to Sexy & Seductive to Futuristically Fluid to Avantgarde.

More About Bree

Moore, a fashion merchandising, marketing and management graduate of Wade College, prides herself on tapping into every dynamic of the fashion industry.  She is currently the wardrobe assistant and costume designer at Amphibian Stage Productions as well as a proud student member of the Fashion Group International Dallas Chapter. Moore’s additional experiences in fashion include interning for CK Diamond Berlin, photo shoots and fashion shows styling and showroom work in the Dallas Market Center. She’s also been guest of honor and presented designs at local fashion shows. Visit for more ways to connect.



LOS ANGELES, CA – In the modern day conversation about race, this is a perspective that never gets talked about: what it means to be biracial and grow up in a white world. Bill Posley grew up happily identifying as both black and white. But at ten years old he learns the world does in fact judge a book by its color, and even though he’s half white he’s labeled as 100% black. Does a young comedian have to get rid of his whiteness, to be the color he’s “supposed” to be? Being biracial means that your identity “is on trial.” You don’t look like either side of your family so you wind up feeling like you are on an island all your own. Black people want you to claim being black and white people, well, they just want to touch your hair. You think you have to choose, but society has already chosen for you.

The Day I Became Black, written, produced, and performed by biracial comedian Bill Posley, tackles themes in society, not just through a Black lens, but through a Biracial one as well. The number of multiracial people is growing three times faster than the population as a whole, not to mention people who come from different religious/political backgrounds and people who have gender identity issues. We’ve all been forced to identify at one time or another, or worse, feel like a fraud trying to identify with more than one group. This show finds the comedy in the struggle of trying to fit in and trying to just be yourself.


Bill Posley – Bill served as a soldier in the United States Army. Shortly after high school, he was activated and sent to Iraq. After serving 15 months overseas, he accumulated all the footage he had taken during his tour and made a short documentary that got him into film school. As a comedian, he is an alumni from UCB, I.O. and Second City. He was in the 2017 CBS Diversity Showcase, was a 2017 JFL New Face of Comedy: and just got off this Season of MacGyver and this season of Fox’s 911. He will be in the new Season of Glow on Netflix.

The Day I Became Black

Written by: Bill Posley

Performed by: Bill Posley

Directed by: Bente Engelstoft

Produced by: Brittany Belland and Kristen Boule’

FEATURING: Bill Posley


LOCATION: The Los Angeles Theater, 2cents Theater, 514 S. Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90013

 Nominated for Best of Fest in the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival, The Day I Became Black tackles themes in society, not just through a Black lens, but through a Biracial one as well. Multi-racial people are growing three times faster than the population as a whole, not to mention people who come from different religious/political backgrounds and people who have gender identity issues. We’ve all been forced to identify at one time or another, or worse, feel like a fraud trying to identify with more than one group. This show finds the comedy in the struggle of trying to fit in and trying to just be yourself.

TICKETS available at




The Texas International Hair Show Presents The Natural Life!

Natural hair is a lifestyle -yes a lifestyle. Whether you’re a product junkie, YouTube guru or an “I’ll make an appoint” type of girl, natural hair takes time and attention to maintain its health and be vibrant. An added accessory to any look, natural hair is versatile, charismatic and timeless.

The 2018 Texas International Hair and Trade Show’s Natural Life department has searched far and wide to bring you trend-setting, innovative, and the most sought after professionals in the world of natural hair. Natural hair educators, stylists, exhibitors, wearers and spectators are welcomed to be part of our hair world.


2018 Natural Life Celebrity Guest Stylist

You’ve seen her innovative, game changing styling on Beyonce, Zoe Kravitz and Brandy! Susy The Purple Unicorn, aka AfricanCreature, owner of “HairBySusy” and creator of the Lemonade braids and the Zoe braids.


2018 Natural Life Classes

Sunday June 24, 2018

11:00 to 12:15 The tricks and truths about dreadlocks Syreeta Baker

12:30 to  1:45 Locs Jese Webb

Monday June 25, 2018

11:00 to 12:15 Braid Elevated Ms. Nelly

2:00  to 3:15           Revolutionizing the Natural Experience           Cyrita Jackson

3:00  to 4:45         The Business of Loc Extensions                      Paulette Anderson


2018 Natural Life Showcase and Competitions

The Natural Life Showcase and Competitions offer a grand prize of $500. 2nd and 3rd place winners are awarded trophies.


  • Crochet Styling


  • Loc Styling
  • Braid It Up
  • The Silky Sensation
  • Largest Afro


Showcase and Competition details, and entry forms can be found at


or call: 469-969-3575 or 916-750-5290

with questions or concerns.

Pre-Father’s Day Bow Tie Pop-up featuring BowTie Mike

Inspired by the creative, busy traveler with an entrepreneurial spirit, AC Hotel by Marriott®in downtown Dallas is proud to host a very special Father’s Day pop-up featuring Dallas-based luxury bow tie designer, BowTie Mike (, winner of the 2017 Accessories in the Nude designer competition,on Wednesday, June 6, from 5 PM – 8 PM.The pop-up will feature a wide selection of the luxury bow ties and BowTie Mike will be making bow ties onsite. The free event welcomes the public to find the perfect, one-of-a-kind gift for dad. The reception will take place inside the AC Lounge at the AC Hotel – Dallas Downtown located at 1712 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75201 in the historic Mercantile Commerce Building.

Visionary, creative director, and founder of BowTie Mike, Michael Williams, began his journey in fashion as a freelance wardrobe stylist and started creating bow ties after having a difficult time finding the perfect neckwear for a major editorial magazine spread. Using unexpected materials from snack packages to his grandmother’s old high-end dresses, Michael’s hobby quickly became a calling and has since been recognized and won several awards and even caught the attention of celebrity clients including, Denzel Washington and Grammy award winner Bilal.

 With Father’s Day quickly approaching, June 17, AC Hotel’s bow tie pop-up makes it easy to find an exceptional gift for every type of father.






North Texas Black Restaurant Week Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Celebrate North Texas Black Restaurant Week June 16 – 23, 2018

Black Restaurant Week

DALLAS – May 14, 2018 – PRLog — North Texas Black Restaurant Week is back showcasing black restaurants, scratch kitchens, caterers, bakeries, and food trucks throughout Dallas, Tarrant, and Collin Counties, June 16 – 23, 2018. Presented by DFW Black Bloggers and Achieve PR, the one-week foodie experience will feature vegan, soul food, BBQ and gluten-free options during the Dallas Black Restaurant Week Kick-Off event held at Southwest Center Mall (3662 W Camp Wisdom Rd Dallas, TX 75237), June 16th, 2018 from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

This year will be hosted by Starving on A Budget – ( Food Writer, Dalila Thomas (, Black ( Enterprise ( Featured Chef and Author, Gabrielle McBay ( owner of Ellements Cuisine and Pastry Concepts, and Clyde Greenhouse owner of Kessler Baking Studio ( North Texas Black Restaurant Week Founder Denita Quinn states, “We keep this event free for all participants to help small business owners focus on increasing revenue, generate marketing exposure, and add a customer base. Customers can buy directly from the participants during the week of Juneteenth at their locations throughout North Texas.” Attendees will be able to sample dishes, purchase entrees, view cooking demonstrations, meet featured chefs and support black businesses.

In addition to complimentary marketing services for restaurant week, participants will also receive information from the Dallas Metropolitan Small Business Development Center ( to help them grow and sustain their business including a free business adviser and orientation. A printed directory of restaurants and participants will be published in the Dallas Weekly, The Dallas Examiner, and website.

North Texas Black Restaurant Week is sponsored by Redmond & Eiland, PLLC, The Dallas Weekly, Bid Opps, The Dallas Examiner, The Golden Circle, Be Great Magazine, HBS Media, Sival Group, LLC.

To learn more about North Texas Restaurant Week and to see a list of participants, visit For sponsorship opportunities, please email

North Texas Black Restaurant Week, Dallas Black Restaurant Week and Ft. Worth Black Restaurant are registered by Achieve PR, LLC.

“Be Free. Be Bold. Be Empowered. Be Creative.” – Dri’s World

“I want people to be comfortable in my clothes and feel confident at the same time. When people put on my clothing I don’t necessarily want them to transform or be someone they’re not, but be who they want to be – you can’t be judged in Dri’s World unless you’re judging yourself. That’s one of the things I mean by be Free and Bold, if they say that dress doesn’t look good on your body, but you like it and feel like a baddie then, girl wear it!” -Dri

A powerful statement from 17 year old Adrienne “Dri” Stinson, owner and founder of Dri’s World. An Athletic and Urban Apparel clothing line that launched its Summer 2018 Collection in April. The collection ranges from Dri’s World Classic Tees to Dri’s World Summer Crop Tops by American Apparel.

Dri tells us the inspiration behind becoming a business owner at there age and creating the brand.

“My mom and dad would always tell me,  ‘you don’t have to work for anyone, work for yourself.’ So I took that to heart and decided I wanted to be my own boss and handle my own money,” she says.

” I used to play volleyball, but this past summer I had surgery and couldn’t condition for a while. Once I finally got better and went to a couple of practices, it set in and I had to be real with myself. I had honestly fell out of love with volleyball. So I told my mom and dad I wasn’t going to play anymore and they were ok with that. But they asked me, ‘well what now? What are you going to do?’ I told them I had been wanting to get into fashion,” she says.

And with the help of her parents, Dri’s World came to life. Since Dri’s family is heavily involved in sports, she felt it important to make the brand cohesive with athletes, to fuel the athlete in her in some form and explains that.

“The urban side of the brand has a lot to do with my love of the 90’s.  I listen to a lot of music from that time period so I kind of watched the videos and fell in love with the clothing.”

PC: @drisworld

Taking on a business, specifically planning and designing a clothing line, as a junior in high school is no walk in the park. There are challenges that come along with building a brand and staying on track with school work.

“A main challenge would definitely have to be time management. Finding time  to work on Dri’s World throughout the week. School can be stressful and Junior year is most definitely the hardest year in my opinion. Then sometimes I get so caught up in Dri’s World I might actually forget to do something for school,” she says.

Dri wasted no time with her business endeavor. Within nine months, Dri’s World went from and idea to sampling and testing material. She explains her reason for being fully involved and hands on with every decision involved with  her brand.

“I feel that sometimes people get so caught up in the brand name that they don’t think about the quality of the clothing or shoe, or the brand owner for that matter. Like is this person really for the customers or just looking for quick money?”

When we asked Dri where she sees herself in five to ten years she replied, “Hopefully I’m out of college with little to no debt. I’ve always wanted to travel the world so I hope to be going to other countries, and learning and understanding different cultures. I don’t want to do that alone, so hopefully I’m in a good relationship or married by then.”

As for Dri’s World she explains, “I want it to be global. I really look up to Rihanna. She has a clothing, make up, and shoe line called Fenty,  I hope Dri’s World is on that level by then and hopefully one day I could collaborate with her.”

Pictures provided curtesy of @radiantsparks_ enjoy the following slide show from Dri’s World Launch Party.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Take A Day

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and has been observed in the United States since 1949. I never put much thought or effort into Mental Health until February of this year (2018) when a severe panic attack (that I thought was a stroke), in a public space, landed me slumped over the trunk of a strangers car, in a parking lot, depending on the help of strangers. 

I’d decided to take a day off work and, unknowingly, wrote this piece (as a way to release stress) on the morning of the day the panic attack happened.



So I’m taking a day,

and I hope that’s ok, with you.

Because I’ve been feeling down,

and your advice to just turn it around isn’t..helping.

And yes, I AM STRONG..I know I’m a soldier,

but time brings about a change and I’m wiser, and older.

So I know without action, there is no change.

I’m gonna take me a day and get all in my feelings,

oh, it’s ok girl.

See this is me dealing.

I don’t expect you to understand,

or lend a helping hand.

And I’m not trying to ruin your day,

but I’ve been feeling some type of way.

But I’ve grown tired and sad,

so before things get bad,

I think.

I’ll take.

A day.

Beauty by A. Norell – Sexy and Sultry For Spring!

Spring is here, but thanks to mother nature’s temperament, heavy frocks are still being rocked and it doesn’t seem quite time for pastels and florals. Even if it were, rules were made to be broken, so let’s get into this sexy and sultry look created by professional MUA, our beauty guru, Alfena Williams.

The recently engaged, soon to be married, Chasitie Ingram served as the muse for this look that I had the pleasure of sitting in on and was able to inquire about.

SheBatty: When going for a sultry look, what’s the first thing that comes to mind as far as makeup?

A.Norell_MUA: “The first thing I think about are sexy eyes and a lip color that pops.”

So it’s ok to mix a smokey eye with a bold lip? Is that the ultimate combo for sultry/sexy looks?

Yes! It is definitely ok to mix the two. It really depends on what the individual is wearing and what makeup look they are going for. You have to consider what the focus point will be. For example if you are wearing a beaded gown and the dress is the focal point you don’t want a makeup look that’s so bold it will take away from the gown.

We are in the day and age of the “glow up” what are some ways to achieve a natural radiance that isn’t over-the-top?

“I like to apply a liquid highlighter to the skin first. Then I add the foundation on top of it. The highlighter will radiate through the foundation giving a nice glow.”

Tell us how you achieved this look?

“I started the look by applying a flesh tone matte eyeshadow all over her eye. Then I added a gold shimmer eyeshadow on the lid with a dark brown matte shade in the corner. Next we applied lashes and added a plum liquid matte lipstick.”

How do we contact you for an appointment?

“Feel free to reach out on instagram @a.norell_mua or

by phone at 817-721-4977.”


Nothing tests a budding relationship like travel, and the new series Love at First Flight takes it a step further, matching new couples to embark on a romantic (and stressful) journey across North America — with the chance to get married at the airport immediately after their final flight lands.

Meeting for the first time in New York, the couples criss-cross the country towards Los Angeles, as their compatibility is tested not only by the unpredictable pressures of travel, but also by a series of uniquely crafted travel-based challenges. Tune in fo the premiere of Love at First Flight, Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 10pm ET/PT on Lifetime!

Love At First Flight Season 1 Preview


Stephanie Johnson is the Founder and CEO of Dallas’ Singles & The City – an exclusive member based community for single professionals willing to become the person they seek to attract.

“At Singles & The City, our main tagline is, ‘There is more to being single than dating.’ We are a self empowerment community for single dating professionals mid-twenties to forties. We are a totally different spin off of what the entire world is doing right now.

Everyone is dating, and what not —hooking up. I’m trying to help you get to your bottom line. I partner with a lot of therapists, group counselors; people that can really help you change your mindset and how you see yourself, and why you’re single. And if you don’t want to be single, what are the things that make you unattractive,” Stephanie explains.

After a corporate layoff in 2015 – Stephanie took her then passion of hosting events and turned it into profit, having expanded her company to 5 cities in less than 4 years. Singles & The City has active chapters and hosts’ monthly events in Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Detroit.

Although watching her from afar looks seamless, she’s the first to be transparent about being a full-time Entrepreneur. Stephanie nearly lost everything in 2016 – sleeping on friend’s sofas and Lyfting to her own events.

“I was in East Lansing and moved here [to Dallas] in 2010. I worked in corporate,  in the restaurant industry. I did telemarketing and I loved my job. I also did concierge work, and then did restaurant work again, but prior to my lay-off I’d started Single & The City like a yeary prior —just as a volunteer, community type thing,” she says.

“I fully did not expect all that happened to happen. And when I got laid off I started going through my savings and everything just kind of hit the fan and that’s how the whole homeless thing started, and that’s when I was like, ‘Ok, it’s time to turn this into an actual company and get some income coming in, so I just kind-of need to bite the bullet and become a professional business owner.’ And that’s how it happened.”

Despite the loss, she managed to open 2 new chapters in Los Angeles and Chicago. When asked about how she determines which cities are picked to hosts Single & The City she explains, “I go where the demand is.”


Filming Love At First Flight was an amazing experience and Stephanie is very excited to share her life with the viewers.

What compelled you to tryout for the cast of Love at First Flight?

“Honestly, I was getting a lot of feedback from my members, like, ‘oh my gosh, I met this guy, or this girl, and we’re getting married next week.’ and I’ve been to several weddings already that happened like within six weeks from Singles & The City, and I was like, ‘Am I missing something? What’s going on?’ So, the opportunity came up for the show and, of course, no one ever thinks you’re going to make the cast. So, it was about me getting into the brains of singles I talk to all the time that this has happened to, and then to have the opportunity to be matched by a “professional matchmaker” and possibly meeting the person of your dreams. I was like, ‘at least let me just try.”

Are you a hopeless romantic?

“I actually am a hopeless romantic. I’m always like, ‘maybe he’ll be at Barnes and Noble, or maybe I’ll run into him at Whole Foods —that would be great!”

What were your thoughts when you initially arrived to meet your partner?

“Oh my gosh, initial thoughts —I don’t want to tell you too much, but I was really really excited! I was excited about his ethnicity. He’s very attractive, so I thought, ‘ok! This is going to be good!’ I wanted to at least walk away with a new friend. My expectations were not high. I was not trying to fall in love. I’m like, ‘I’m going to into this with no fear. If I’m traveling, [then] I’m at least going to make a new friend.”

What was your biggest challenge during this experience?

“The biggest challenge during the experience —I would definitely say was just being alone in certain situations and then it being Reality TV on top of that. I’m a very structured person, so to wake up everyday and not know what your day holds. And then you’re going to see me do some stuff that you would never see me do in real life, activity wise. You’ve got kind-of like Amazing Race meets The Bachelor meets —I mean the show is just crazy awesome! But, there are so many different activities that you have to do with your partner. You have to trust them to get it done so,  for me, not being in control was like, ‘Oh My God— I’m [gonn]a do this today!”

What did you learn about yourself during this experience?

“I learned that I’m a lot more open than I thought and I shocked myself at how open I was, at love, and at trusting other people, and at, just kind-of, not being in control.  So, I was like, ‘look at me, growing!’ It was great! I’m much more self aware —it was just a beautiful process.”

How much can you really learn about a person on a travel adventure?

“That’s a good question, but I think the entire point was learning [that] for one, you can learn so much about someone when you’re back to back all the time. And then I would say that after 3 or 4 days of seeing someone 24 hours a day it’s like, ‘ok, I don’t have time to keep wearing makeup.’ You know what I’m saying —at some point you start to let your guard down and really be your true-true self and I think that the situation is what possibly made that happen a little faster. It’s like, ‘ok, today, you’re not getting lashes or heels. I just don’t care and I saw you yesterday, and I know you’re not going anywhere.’ So I mean, honestly, I learned a lot. I learned a lot really fast and it was good. It’s just an interesting way to date, you know —real interesting.”

Do You Believe That Is Possible To Find True Love At First Flight?

“I do believe it’s possible to find Love At First Flight, absolutely! Absolutely —I think you guys are going to love me and my partner and, you’ll be real excited to see the outcome for sure!

Tune in and find out how this local entrepreneur made the best out of uncertain situations and maybe even found the love of her life…all while traveling North America with a stranger.

Love at First Flight is produced by Pilgrim Media Group. Craig Pilgrim and Mike Nichols serve as executive producers for Pilgrim. Gena McCarthy executive produces for Lifetime. Pictures and video clips curtesy of Lifetime.

Love at First Flight Premieres March 20 at 10pm ET/PT on Lifetime. 

Follow Stephanie as she will be LIVE Tweeting during the premier on Twitter and be sure to LIKE her FACEBOOK Fan Page too! 

Pictures and video clips curtesy of Lifetime.