Keeping Families Connected Presents Creation Of Fashion 2019 EPIC Charity Fashion Show

Keeping Families Connected presented its third annual fashion show fundraiser, Creation of Fashion on Sunday June 1, 2019. Hosted by the former Bravo TV Real Housewives of Atlanta and the ultimate southern belle, Ms. “everybody knows” Phaedra Parks; M2 The Rock’s host Michael Molthan; with special guest appearances from TV Personality Jamila Davis; and VH1 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Scrap Deleon.

The show featured collections from Bravo TV’s Project Runway Season 17 contestants Venny Etienne, Levinity, and Lela Orr, Ferrah. International brands such as Forever21, Guess and GAP graced the runway. As well as local brands Yik Styles and LZVT Womenswear.

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Keeping Families Connected Founder, Leticia Scott-Jackson, and Red Carpet Host, Steve Kemble

“Listen -if you know me you know I always start my conversation with listen,  here’s the deal! Keeping Families Connected is a 501c3 Organization that came about through a personal passion of my own,” said Founder Leticia Scott-Jackson. “Keeping Families Connected provides free transportation to correctional facilities throughout the state of Texas for individuals who have incarcerated loved one, but we especially love the kids.

I used to be ashamed to tell people that I was wrongfully convicted, but you know what? People gonna talk anyway, so I learned to let people judge and I learned to please God. Because if I please God, at the end of the day I can please his people. So, I started this organization once I came home from the Federal Camp, because I met so many women that did not get to see their children, and family is important to me.”

Scott-Jackson hand picked the hosts and special guests for this year’s show due to their personal experiences with incarceration.

Phaedra Parks

The highly regarded entertainment attorney, Phaedra Parks is the managing partner of The Parks Group, P.C. Parks is a best-selling author, funeral director, entrepreneur, and political and social activist.  The father of her children, Apollo Nida, was recently release from prison after serving more than 3 years for fraud and identity theft.



Steve Kemble and Michael Molthan

Micheal Molthan, once known as one of the best luxury home builders in the country, lost it all to drugs and alcohol. After more than 3 years in prison, and a spiritual awakening, Molthan is now the host of M2 The Rock; where he talks about solutions addiction, alcoholism, and unmanageable habits.

Jamila Davis

Jamila Davis, a self-made millionaire by the age of 25  is an author, motivational speaker, and television personality who spent 9 years in Federal Prison for bank fraud.  The injustices she experienced in prison lead to an intense journey of inner healing and restoration. Davis as since developed a book series designed to help incarcerated women heal, recognize their potential and recapture their dreams; she’s also a co-founder of, and advocacy group created to she light on and rally for sentence reform  for the lengthy sentences of non-violent female federal  offenders.


Scrap Deleon

Scrap Deleon is a recurring cast member on Season 5 of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Deleon served 3 years in prison for drug trafficking,  was recently released less than 90 days ago.


Keeping Families Connected is committed to sustaining family bonds through gruesome circumstances.


“We need donations, we need volunteers, we need your support, because my husband and I have been funding this organization for four years, so some of you may have just heard about us, but we’ve been doing God’s business. You can give to organization by going to the our website it’s and you can sign up for the newsletter, it goes out monthly and will keep you abreast of what we’re doing,” said Jackson-Scott.

*All photos taken by SheBatty*


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