Urban Prosperity Encourages Women to ‘Secure The Bag’ At Its Inagural Permission To Prosper Conference

Living our best lives and “getting the bag” is a recurring theme in this day and age. Financial technology and media company, Urban Prosperity, was created to help women do just that. Whether it be a corporate quest or an entrepreneurial journey, Urban Prosperity is here to help women overcome fear, insecurities, and  self-doubt by providing the resources necessary to take the necessary steps to make dreams and aspirations come true.

Urban Prosperity -The Mission

I have been a corporate warrior and leader for the past 19 years. I’ve lead numerous roles across wealth management and sales and operations. So there was a consistent theme; personally and professionally that I would talk to women, collaborate with women, and meet women who found it challenging to talk about money. 

About ten years ago a calling was placed on my heart to help women. With my daughter graduating (early) from college last year I knew it was time for me to launch the business and to do it full time. Urban Prosperity was launched in June 2018. The mission of the company is to help women achieve financial wellness and we do it in four ways: content, courses, coaching, and community.

Urban Prosperity Founder, Nikki Kee Brown

The Permission to Prosper Conference is not our first event, but it’s our largest event to-date. The goal is for it be an annual event that really reinforces our community pillar because I believe that financials and financial discussions can be scary. Financials are very emotional. Our financial behaviors are tied to our upbringing, our parents, and our family.  It can be really heavy to unpack all of that so it’s better to do it with a community of like-minded women; women who have experienced similar things or women who are on a trajectory where you want to be. Permission to Prosper really was a conference that was meant to be empowering enlightening, but also informative,” explained founder, Nikki Kee Brown.

The conference was held at the Westin Galleria in Dallas with breakout sessions, three panel discussions,  exhibitor booths, photo ops, as well as a swanky VIP lounge, and hosted more than 250 women.
Breakout sessions were conducted by Kristi Jackson, founder of Women CEO Project, who discussed how to leverage social media to make money daily; Nicole Purvy, founder of Better Than Success Real Estate League and Podcast, who discussed how to flip, hold and secure the real estate bag; and career coach and speaker, Ashley Cash who discussed navigating negotiations in the workplace.

Give Yourself Permission

Wazzam Supa, founder of The Crayon Case cosmetics; Claire Sulmers, founder of The Fashion Bomb Daily; and Tiara Calhoun-Smith, founder of Sugar Suite Lounge discuss how and when they gave themselves permission to prosper.

The panel details the situations that made them give themselves permission to prosper.

Wazzam Supa explained that, “When I was broke, when I was on live doing makeup everyone was like, “oh what you using what’s that, what’s that?” So I was like, I’m about to start selling this stuff if they keep asking. So they kept asking and I did my research and I started selling it,”

While Claire Sulmers detailed the experience of mixing big dreams with poor planning and said, “I started off as a journalist, I was working in magazines, I was trying to break into the fashion department people were looking me up and down saying that fashion wasn’t for me. I ultimately decided to quit my job.

I have a degree in French so I moved to Paris and just told myself that I wanted to work for Paris Vogue and I wanted to break into fashion that way. I did not plan properly and I was broke. I was working on my blog the whole time and by the end of my time in Paris I got my first big advertising check for blogging and I’ve been working for myself full time ever since then.”

Tiara Calhoun-Smith had a story relatable for many and explained that, “If you’ve ever had anything taken away from you from a man that says oh that’s mine not yours.” She relayed that the moment her car was taken away she was like, “You know what? I don’t need your shit”. That gave her complete permission to prosper.

Tools To Success

Career Coach, Ashley Cash

Once you give yourself permission to prosper it’s important to not only have a plan, but to be well prepared for rejection and growth.

Ashley Cash is a local salary negotiations coach and explained that, “Three things to do to nail an interview are knowing your own skill set, your results, and what you bring to the table. Don’t worry about being poetic or ‘let me put on my interview voice’ it’s literally a matter of here’s what I do and these are the results that I’ve gotten companies and that’s it.

Think strategically. Think ‘how can I further this person’s interest in me by asking a thoughtful question. This is what I know about the position now, what question can I ask that shows them that I’m really thoughtful and I’ve done my research? How can I make a question work for me?’ So they think ‘wow, she’s a really overall a good fit, she’s really thought through this.’ I think that maybe three to four questions in an interview makes sense.”

Creative Collective Founder, and Communications Director of at Bravo and Oxygen Media at NBCUniversal Media, LLC, Imani Ellis

Imani Ellis is the founder of Creative Collective NYC and the Director of Communications at Bravo and Oxygen Media at NBCUniversal Media, LLC provided pointers for aspiring writers. In addition to research, she suggests finding writers within your same genre who are also women of color. Also spilled some tea on pitching dos and don’ts.

“What you want to do is write a very thoughtful pitch – not too long, but two paragraphs, and people love compliments. So I usually start with ‘love the piece you did on’ fill in the blank, hyperlink it to the piece that they wrote. 

The worst is a reporter who writes about barbecue getting a pitch about ballet. You really want to be thoughtful. And when it comes to things you shouldn’t do, I think it’s blasting out very specific pitches to hundreds of people. We can tell. The second thing is also just being super mindful of what the turnaround in a media day looks like. So, not following up maybe two days later and being like ‘following up’. I always like to say ‘bringing this to the top of your inbox’, because they’re human just like we’re human. It’s like dating. If it doesn’t work out this time, it will work out the next time,” she said.

Getting to the Money with Urban Prosperity

Urban Prosperity’s goal is to ensure women are equipped with the tools, resources, and network to prosper financially.  Visit http://www.urbanprosperity.co for more information  on the financial content, one-on-one coaching, self-paced courses, and community events offered.


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