Take A Day

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and has been observed in the United States since 1949. I never put much thought or effort into Mental Health until February of this year (2018) when a severe panic attack (that I thought was a stroke), in a public space, landed me slumped over the trunk of a strangers car, in a parking lot, depending on the help of strangers. 

I’d decided to take a day off work and, unknowingly, wrote this piece (as a way to release stress) on the morning of the day the panic attack happened.



So I’m taking a day,

and I hope that’s ok, with you.

Because I’ve been feeling down,

and your advice to just turn it around isn’t..helping.

And yes, I AM STRONG..I know I’m a soldier,

but time brings about a change and I’m wiser, and older.

So I know without action, there is no change.

I’m gonna take me a day and get all in my feelings,

oh, it’s ok girl.

See this is me dealing.

I don’t expect you to understand,

or lend a helping hand.

And I’m not trying to ruin your day,

but I’ve been feeling some type of way.

But I’ve grown tired and sad,

so before things get bad,

I think.

I’ll take.

A day.

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