Beauty by A. Norell – Sexy and Sultry For Spring!

Spring is here, but thanks to mother nature’s temperament, heavy frocks are still being rocked and it doesn’t seem quite time for pastels and florals. Even if it were, rules were made to be broken, so let’s get into this sexy and sultry look created by professional MUA, our beauty guru, Alfena Williams.

The recently engaged, soon to be married, Chasitie Ingram served as the muse for this look that I had the pleasure of sitting in on and was able to inquire about.

SheBatty: When going for a sultry look, what’s the first thing that comes to mind as far as makeup?

A.Norell_MUA: “The first thing I think about are sexy eyes and a lip color that pops.”

So it’s ok to mix a smokey eye with a bold lip? Is that the ultimate combo for sultry/sexy looks?

Yes! It is definitely ok to mix the two. It really depends on what the individual is wearing and what makeup look they are going for. You have to consider what the focus point will be. For example if you are wearing a beaded gown and the dress is the focal point you don’t want a makeup look that’s so bold it will take away from the gown.

We are in the day and age of the “glow up” what are some ways to achieve a natural radiance that isn’t over-the-top?

“I like to apply a liquid highlighter to the skin first. Then I add the foundation on top of it. The highlighter will radiate through the foundation giving a nice glow.”

Tell us how you achieved this look?

“I started the look by applying a flesh tone matte eyeshadow all over her eye. Then I added a gold shimmer eyeshadow on the lid with a dark brown matte shade in the corner. Next we applied lashes and added a plum liquid matte lipstick.”

How do we contact you for an appointment?

“Feel free to reach out on instagram @a.norell_mua or

by phone at 817-721-4977.”

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