Show Me How You Rock It 1.3 – Little Black Dress

Some of us love fashion, others not so much. Whether you love it or not, we all have a sense of style, so why not own it -wholeheartedly, flaunt and share it with the world?  Show Me How You Rock It is my fashion segment within the blog, and I want to hear from YOU! How do YOU rock YOUR STYLE? The terms are simple…just be YOU. Don’t over think it, Just show me how YOU rock it!

Show Me How You Rock is back with another Little Black Dress! This week we’ll be exploring  a more casually styled LBD. So…

show me how you rock your little black dress Ms. Cormeshia @shebatty from Dallas, Tx!

Share a little about your personality and over all Style.

I have a cheerful disposition, for the most part. I love to laugh, and the word quirky fits me well. My overall style is Rocker Chic, lace and leather are my thing! But, I’m also known to switch lanes and rock Black owned/All black er’thang ethnic fashion. My goal is to always stand out when I walk into room and leave people saying, “Who is that? I like her style!”

What inspires you about this (lil black dress) look?

I was headed out for a casual day with a friend and wanted to be cute, fashionable and comfortable. I’m almost forty, and at my age comfort is always key! I found this all black body con dress on sale ASOS a few years ago. I’m still working on body image issues, but I knew it’d be a good investment. For the outting with my friend, I opted for an eclectic “street” look. I wanted to give off a New York vibe, Brooklyn to be exact. The vibrant colors and street style of this look inspired me.

 How do you feel when you’re rocking this (lil black dress) look?

Overall, the look made me feel cute and energetic. My head wrap provided an array of vibrant colors. The dress and the stockings provided and element of sex appeal. I didn’t want to be too dressy, so I played the look down with wooden earrings and a rugged pair of booties. I added a splash of sass by applying minimal makeup with a pop of color on the lips.

Photos taken by @a.norell_mua

Ready for your feature?

1. Pick a look: little black dress, date night, brunch, GNO, Bad & Bougie, etc.
2. Answer the following questions:
Share a little about your personality and overall personal style.
What inspired you about this look?
How do you feel when you rock this look?
3. Select 4 to 6 pics ( mix landscape and portrait). Include a headshot (cause we want to see that beat too) and of course full-body.

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