Show Me How You Rock It 1.2 – Cape Fashion

Some of us love fashion, others not so much. Whether you love it or not, we all have a sense of style, so why not own it -wholeheartedly, flaunt and share it with the world?  Show Me How You Rock It is my fashion segment within the blog, and I want to hear from YOU! How do YOU rock YOUR STYLE? The terms are simple…just be YOU. Don’t over think it, Just show me how YOU rock it!

Capes are a cozy and comfy alternative to coats, and sometimes jackets or blazers. Add class to any outfit with a cape or poncho. On this Fashion Friday, we’ll be seeing a cape look! So…

show me how you rock your Cape Ms. Reiko @Godsfaveshoes from houston, Tx!

Here’s how I am still rocking the cape look.
PC: @godsfaveshoes


 I’m not ready to let the trend go just yet.
PC: @godsfaveshoes
It’s still great for layering especially in Houston’s indecisive weather.
Ready for your feature?
1. Pick a look: little black dress, date night, brunch, GNO, Bad & Bougie, etc.
2. Answer the following questions:
Share a little about your personality and overall personal style.
What inspired you about this look?
How do you feel when you rock this look?
3. Select 4 to 6 pics ( mix landscape and portrait). Include a headshot (cause we want to see that beat too) and of course full-body.

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