Show Me How You Rock It 1.1 – Little Black Dress

Some of us love fashion, others not so much. Whether you love it or not, we all have a sense of style, so why not own it -wholeheartedly, flaunt and share it with the world?  Show Me How You Rock It is my fashion segment within the blog, and I want to hear from YOU! How do YOU rock YOUR STYLE? The terms are simple…just be YOU. Don’t over think it, Just show me how YOU rock it!

Little black dresses are never out of season or out of style. The second installment in this series is   a glammed up little black dress look.

show me how you rock your little black dress Ms. alfena @a.norell_mua from Dallas, Tx!

Share a little about your personality and over all Style.
I am a laid back type of girl that really enjoys hanging out with family and friends. I love celebrating the success of my peers and I’m very nurturing. My style is somewhere between classic, relaxed and expressive. I really enjoy being comfortable and cute but I also like to play around with prints and colors as well. When it comes to attending events I always resort to a classic style. I like to switch it up from time to time and keep it fun.
What inspires you about this (lil black dress) look?
This look is inspired by my love for holiday looks. I like sequin and I think it adds just enough flare to spruce up a look for any occasion. Whether it be for date night or a company party.
How do you feel when you’re rocking this (lil black dress) look?

I feel confident and sexy when I’m rocking this dress.
To be featured?
1. Pick a look: little black dress, date night, brunch, GNO, Bad & Bougie, etc.
2. Answer the following questions:
Share a little about your personality and overall personal style.
What inspired you about this look?
How do you feel when you rock this look?
3. Select 4 to 6 pics ( mix landscape and portrait). Include a headshot (cause we want to see that beat too) and of course full-body.

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