Show Me How You Rock It 1.0 – The Little Black Dress

Some of us love fashion, others not so much. Whether you love it or not, we all have a sense of style, so why not own it -wholeheartedly, flaunt and share it with the world?  Show Me How You Rock It is my fashion segment within the blog, and I want to hear from YOU! How do YOU rock YOUR STYLE? The terms are simple…just be YOU. Don’t over think it, girl! Just show me how YOU rock it!
Kicking this thing off is the most popular item that every girl should have, the little black dress.

Show me how you rock your little black dress Ms. Desiree @sumcute from Dallas, Texas!

 Share a little about your personality and overall personal style.

I’ve never thought about putting my personal style into words. I rarely am ever on trend but I may throw in a few pieces here or there to make a statement. I frequent thrift stores and clearance racks, if I like it I buy it and make it work.

What inspires you about this look?
I’m inspired by the quirkiness of my little black dress look. It has sequin embellishments all the way down and across the front of the dress and double shoulder pads, it screams 80’s prom queen and I love that about it.
How do you feel when you’re rocking this little black dress?

When I first tried this dress on I was a little weary, I even posted a poll on my insta-stories asking what everyone else thought about it. Not to my surprise no one liked it…but I still bought it. Once i saw the way it hugged my curves in all the right places, it had to come home with me. I was actually shopping for a Halloween costume and came across this. I had no particular place to wear it but ended up wearing it to my company Christmas party. I felt confident, and cute. The dress is pretty conservative but it’s length and figure forming nature made me feel sexy. I received tons of compliments which boosted by confidence even more. I feel FIERCE in this dress.
Interested in being featured?
1. Pick a look: little black dress, date night, brunch, GNO, Bad & Bougie, etc.
2. Answer the following questions:
Share a little about your personality and overall personal style.
What inspired you about this look?
How do you feel when you rock this look?
3. Select 4 to 6 pics ( mix landscape and portrait). Include a headshot (cause we want to see that beat too) and of course full-body.

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