The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and a Schwinn!

Thursday, April 13th

I enjoyed the mobility workout so much from the week before, that I decided to start my workout week on Thursday to get in a good stretch before throwing any weight around.  As expected, Thursday didn’t disappoint. I was a little surprised at the workout, only because I figure mobility day should be pretty easy. But like my trainer always says “This is a workout facility. Come here prepared to do work!” And I do, but working out is one of those things that I love to hate. I usually hate the workout while I’m doing it. But when it’s over and I’m sweaty, musty and weak, I feel sexy as hell. Sexy and accomplished, a badass kind of sexy.

We did our stretches, then alternated between dumbbell thrusters and running. I didn’t want to run (that’s nothing new), but I’m getting better with my running and motivated to continue getting stronger.

Monday = GAINES!

On the 17th I didn’t make it to the gym. When I was leaving the office the sky opened and unleashed a serious torrential downpour. I was unprepared, no umbrella or rain boots. I ended up running from the building to my car! That had to be the most invigorating run I’ve ever done. The rain was so refreshing, and as soon as I thought I was gonna die I was at my car. Quarter mile, half mile, whole mile…details aren’t important. And I ain’t talking about no light trot, I ran. Your girl was moving it in my shirt dress and ballerina flats.  This was kind of a big deal for me. 

Yo! Do you know what day it is?  ?

I had to dig deep for Wednesday’s workout. We started with bench press. Y’all know I was like a kid in a candy store when Chris (my trainer) told me I’d be working with a partner using a bar (Toyota jump) instead of dumbbells for my bench press.  By the time I was got to two (yes 2), the spirit had left and I felt defeated and embarrassed. I have weak arms, and some loss of sensation on my right side. As much as I wanted to, I struggled and only had to do five per set. Thank God I’ve never been an overly prideful person. I quickly let my partner know that I had to take some weight off, and we did. I still struggled to finish all four sets, but I finished.

The rest of the workout consisted of lunges, kettlebell swings, and, you guessed it, running. It was during this part of the workout where things got ugly. I enjoyed my Easter feast on Sunday, and then again on Tuesday. There were plenty of veggies, and nothing was fried, but you already know we (Southern Folk) glaze, sautee, and drizzle the hell out of our food. I felt heavy and sluggish. For the first time in a long time, I walked more than I ran. It was horrible, and I was happy when it was over.

Happy Hour at the Box.

I felt pretty good all day Friday, but about two hours before getting off work I started to feel bad. My equilibrium seemed to be off and I just wanted to lay down. I made it to the gym anyway and thankfully there was only one other person there, so Chris was nice, to both of us, and allowed us to somewhat program our own workouts. There is a limited amount of equipment in the gym, and he offered to let me row, but I wasn’t’ feeling that. I hopped on an old school Schwinn stationary-bike (cause it was dope) but wasn’t feeling that either. So, we settled on ten rounds of 50 jump ropes. Nice little workout.  I was sweaty and tired by the time it was over.

Can we take a moment to admire this beauty. I love vintage!

So I’ve accomplished my goal of slimming down, and going to the gym as regularly as my schedule will allow. It’s now time to get serious about my eating habits (I don’t diet) so that I can lose my unwanted belly fat! What are some tips and tricks you use to ensure you’re eating stays on course?


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