Burpees, Bars, and PRs

Last week’s workouts were full of excitement and personal records (PRs). I feel like I’m finally hitting mt stride again with my workout regimen and it’s such a great feeling!  I workout at a Crossfit gym, but haven’t quite gained the strength and stamina to do Crossfit workouts. Not performing at the Crossfit level is a blow to my ego everytime I show up. But I keep reminding myself that slow and steady wins the race, and I’m making strides towards my goal.

I was so ready for Monday’s workout. Had my bag packed well in advance, even pre-planned my breakfast and lunch for the day. I have been struggling to get enough calories in to provide enough energy for my workouts, so I didn’t eat more than half of the breakfast and lunch I planned for the day. I did, however, drink plenty of water, and I drank a Green smoothie on my way to the box  for an additional boost of energy.

As usual, I checked out the Crossfit workout for the day, and it looked pretty easy. I could see that the Kingdom Athletics board hadn’t changed since the end of the prior week, so I just do what I normally do and headed to the restroom to get changed. After I changed and had my belongings situated, our trainer was announcing that we’d all be doing the same workout. Now, y’all know how excited I get to do Crossfit workouts. Before getting too far ahead of myself, I tested my strength on a bar that had already been loaded up. Had no problem with my text set, and from that point on, it was straight up BEAST MODE! We did deadlifts and kettle bell work. Great freaking workout, I didn’t walk out of gym that day, I soared!

I usually workout on Wednesdays, but decided to change things up a bit and went in on Thursday to do mobility work. It was my trainers birthday and he jokingly programed a birthday inspired workout that was insane. My heart was all in, but my body was like “Girl, we came here to stretch. And you have heartburn from the chicken sandwich meal you ate at Burger King for lunch, so stop the madness.” So, I tucked my tail and did mobility work.  It hurt so good! Being the team player that I am, I  made sure the cheer on the group that was putting in work. They clearly needed all the encouragement they could get.  Thursday was light work, slight work. We did mobility, then 10 minutes as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) weighted lunges and push-ups.

Enter a caption

Friday was a challenge. No real reason for it. It was Friday and I simply didn’t want to go workout.  But over the years, I’ve learned to show up when my energy is good and I don’t have any real plans. I did the Kingdom Athletics workout on Friday,  we did burpees, squats, sit-ups, and ring rows. I loathe burpees (who doesn’t), but Friday wasn’t too bad. She programmed the workout to 5 burpees at time. Five is the maximum number of burpees that I can complete fluidly, so I was motived. Friday’s workout was a great. I worked up a good sweat, it didn’t take too long, and wasn’t too killer.


I’m in a good place with my workouts. I’ve gotten over the hump of dreading the gym daily, and actually look forward to it now. I’m admiring myself in mirrors more often; and have been getting a lot of comments, inquiries and compliments on my weight loss. With summer being around the corner, this is good. I just have to make sure I continue to do what I need to do, and not mess this up!




2 Replies to “Burpees, Bars, and PRs”

  1. Wow that workout looked intense! I got exhausted just reading it haha! Awesome stuff! So awesome to read that you’re motivated and feeling good about everything so far, keep it up! If you like, it would be awesome to have you in our fitness group over on fb. It’s super inclusive and everyone shares their own blogs and tips and tricks. Here’s the link if you’re interested – https://www.facebook.com/groups/theactiveyou/

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