Date Night Creepin’

My husband and I couldn’t let Spring Bring pass by without a date night. If you’re a parent,  then you know how easily plans can change.

The children were slotted to be with my parents, so we made plans for a date night with a ‘lil swag’. My plan was to come home from work and get casually cute. We’d head out to Trinity Grove, hold hands and walk around until the vibe lead us to a spot. We’d have dinner, a couple of drinks; and I’d twirl my fingers through my hair,  laugh, and childishly giggle at my husband’s corny jokes. I’d close out dinner with some freakish fantasy promise to my husband, then we’d take the scenic route home and have loud, mind blowing sex until we both fell out.

[INSERT REALITY] The children are dropped off at my parents. The baby gets sick and within a half an hour of being dropped off, I receive a text to be on standby because I may need to pick her up. Now my heart is heavy and I’m dealing with conflicting emotions. Should I just go get my daughter ,or continue putting effort into making time to be alone with my husband, at the risk of having your plans interrupted by a trip to the ER. I was determined to have date night with my boo, so I didn’t mention the text to him.

By the time I got off work he’d texted me letting me know he was hitting the gym, and would meet me at home a little later. I took advantage of the alone time and grabbed a nap. My husband woke me up with a loud yelp. Bragging about how he’d skipped the gym, and, instead, delighted himself in dessert and four Long Island Ice Teas at the bar. It took a few seconds for me to realize exactly what he’d said and what was going on, just enough time for my phone to ring -you guessed it! My parents are on the line, and I can hear my baby sulking and crying in the background. They’re explaining to me that she won’t eat anything and just wants to be held. So I did what any caring and loving parent would do.  I asked if she was she bleeding, had a fever, and did they have any form of medicine for comfort. Then suggested giving her a popsicle to calm her down. The popsicle suggestion worked, so I told them to call me back if things got worse and she wasn’t able to get comfortable.

The girls and I went out of town the first five days of the break. So my husband and I hadn’t really seen one another and we were looking forward to date night. Time alone and away from the house is something we really needed, so we took a chance and went for it. We stayed close to home since the baby was sick, and I decided to be daring. I had not one, but two Coconut mojitos -my new favorite drink. It’s just the right combination of sweet and tangy, with a splash of refreshment for me. We both also decided to try items off the menu that we hadn’t had before. To switch things up a little, you know.

I don’t know how you and your spouse entertain yourselves while out. But me and mine take pleasure in drumming up the love stories of other couples and families that we see while out. I’m a lightweight, so I was good an tipsy by the time I finished my first drink. I may have embarrassed my love and myself a time or two by the time I finished the second drink.

Long story short, dinner was great and we had a wonderful time. We made it home and crashed until my parents called us early the next morning.  We weren’t able to have a lavish night on the town, but we were able to spend a few hours of quality time together and it was great while it lasted (especially the sleep)!

What risks have you taken, as a parent, to ensure quality time with your spouse?


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