Big Dreams

My oldest daughter and I attended the 2017 Mommy and Me Dream Bigger Tour in Dallas, Tx over the over weekend. It was quite a treat. The Dream Bigger Tour is a motivational conference for Mothers, Mompreneurs, and their children. The founder, Sherrie Walton wanted to create a platform that would allow her to put her children first and provide her the ability to never be “too busy” to be present, in the moment and available to tend to their needs. Sherrie is a gem! She was open, transparent and genuine when I spoke with her.

Founder of the Mommy & Me Dream Bigger Tour, Sherrie Walton

The event was kicked off with a powerful and purposeful prayer by author, and found of  LeBrin Books, Dian LeBrin. As lunch was being prepared for serving we had time to visit with vendors and mingle with other Big Dreamers. After lunch, it was time for business an the breakout sessions began.

Dian LeBrin

We met the Kidpreneur’s, they talked to us about the businesses they owned, how they can  up with their businesses, and what those businesses meant to them. The panel consisted of two beauty influencers; Chelsea Stafford who founded Bare Hair Bar and Glossy Girl’s founder Destinee Duncan. The third panelist was future event planner Christopher Walton. After their Q&A session, all aspiring kidpreneurs were allowed the opportunity to tell us what their future businesses would be. We also heard from attending kidpreneurs with already established businesses.

Chelsea, Christopher and Destinee during their Q&A segment.

The children were then taken to a separate area with speakers; Ex-NFL Player, Bethel Johnson and Youth Motivational Speaker, Valencia King who also had fun career potential motivating activities for the children.

Bethel Johnson being introduced by Shirley Walker-King
Valencia King

We enjoyed a host of guest speakers and panelists. Our  first speaker was Tiffany Fulcher, founder of Tiffany Fulcher Enterprises. She provided us with strategies on How to Make Money as a Mompreneur.

Tiffany Fulcher

Shirley Walker-King is a business and relationship coach, she spoke to us about work life balance. -Remind me later to tell you why I love her.

Shirley Walker-King

Renee Villanueva founded The Motherly Hustle and she talked to us about perseverance, and staying encouraged.

Renee Villanueva

We were given marketing advise from Phenixx Marketing‘s President, Telea Stafford.

Telea Stafford

The panelists shared some of their experiences with trials, tribulations and triumph while pursuing their dreams. They were open, honest and transparent with us about how difficult it can be to overcome the fear of change. The panelists were, Veronica Torres Hazley of V12 Yoga.  and Sherlyn Dorsey of You Are More Than Their Mother.

Panelists during the Q&A segment.

Transparency, drive,determination and most important, support  filled the room. The most memorable part of the experience for me was the wrap-up. The children came back just as we were summarizing the advise and power messages we’d just received. We then took the hands of our children and made pledges of unconditional love and support to one another. Last, we took a moment in private and wrote down fears and things that we needed to let go of on index cards, tied them to balloons, and had a balloon release in the park. Not only was the experience therapeutic, but I left with tools to help move forward with my dreams and aspirations.

Preparing to release our fears!
The beauty of releasing your fears!

My daughter had a great time and enjoyed the day out with me. She enjoyed the breakout session where she created a vision board and had a list of things to do to assist in reaching her highest potential.  For me, the most important thing that she took away from the event was to always do her best and she is assurance that Mommy is behind her  and in full support of her dreams.

My baby, CayB ready to make her dreams a reality!
Dream Bigger Dallas! / Founder of Bare Hair Bar, Chelsea Stafford
Perimetric Financial Services
Mary Kay Independent Sales Director Kerry Francis with Valerie Jackson
Peremier Designs by Susan
Chole + Isabel by Nancy


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