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My love for makeup has progressed over the past 5 years into a slight obession. One of the things that I love about makeup is its ability to tranform me into whomever I feel like being for a day.

I didn’t wear anything more than eyeliner, mascara, and or lipstick, prior to 2009. A decision to dramatically cut my hair inspired me to play around with more products. I was willing to give makeup a try, but I had some hard rules on the subject.

  1. Nothing heavy. The last thing I wanted was to feel like I had 3lbs. worth of product on my face.
  2. Not too much. I did not want to look like I had makeup on.
  3. I will not fill in my brows. Brows weren’t as big a thing then as they are now. My goal was to stay far away that trend.

My stipulations and unwillingness to research the craft of makeup application left me wearing the exact same products, but with more variety in lipstick shades.

About two and a half years into my journey, I was introduced to blush – Oh, girl, where have YOU been all my life? I instantly fell in love. I started paying more attention to how women around me wore makeup, and wanted to learn what techniques to use to make makeup look better and more professional.

YouTube helped me learn about shadows and makeup brushes, and how to use them. I bought some cheap eye shadow pallets in a variety of colors and practiced,practiced, practiced. It didn’t take too long before my shadow application game was in point.

I still stayed away from powders and foundations, but grew found of a certain tinted mositurizer. It offered light but buildable coverage, and came with SPF.

Keeping up with the trend, my interest quickly shifted to the infamous contour and highlight. I rushed out and bought a popular drugstore brand’s foundation in 3 shades: one to match, one 2 shades too light, and one 2 shades too dark. Still cognizant of the heaviness of the foundation, I only used this technique for special occasions and events. 

Needing more coverage. The brand I bought the tinted moisturizer from dicontinued the formula. This left me feeling panicked. Afterall, I’m starting to get into this – people stop to ask me who does my makeup.

I set out to find a mid-range priced product with the perfect formula for my normal to dry skin. There are a plethora of brands and formula options, with several things to consider:

  • How much coverage is provided
  • Will the formula irritate your skin
  • What’s the finish of the product
  • Does it self prime/set
  • Does it have SPF
  • How bad does it transfer
  • Is it worth what it cost

I’m still into light to medium coverage, and I have dry skin, so I’m not crazy about matte-finish products. But, I don’t like walking around looking Vaseline coated either. To maximize on time, I like using products with primer included and I like SPF to be included in the formula as well. My price point is $50 or less.

Strobbing? I’m still riding the Trend Train – all aboard! So, there is a new way to “highlight” called strobbing? I promise I spent an entire day scouring Instagram and YouTube researching this technique. Luckily, it’s pretty simple and just about any product that swimmers and shines can be used.

Contouring and color correcting. At this point, in my mind, I’m a self-taught MUA (makeup artist). I’ve graduated from using 3 shades of foundations to color corrector, foundation, comcealer, contour kits, and bronzers. I love a bold lip. On the days that I want to keep things simple, I wear a bold lip, blush and lashes.

As much as I love a good beat, I don’t wear makeup everyday and don’t have an issue with leaving my house without any on. I have become a bit of a makeup hoarder. I keep my purchases under control, and my collection doesn’t have many duplicates.

What do you love or hate about makeup? Comment in the comment section.

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