First Kiss, First Love

Photo by: Le Choyce Photography

This is just my third entry for the writing challenge and I’m already uncomfortable. I made a promise to myself to make 30 entriesin the Month of April, so here goes.

Day 3: My first kiss, my first love

My first kiss happened when I was in the 4th or 5th grade after school on the playground. There was a scrawny boy in my class (whose name I cannot recall)with piercing blue eyes and brown hair. A mullet to be exact, he wore a long mullet 😬. I remember me and all the other girls having the biggest crush on him. However, I don’t remember how the situation was orchestrated. He was already on the swings by the time I got there. He stood up, kissed me, I blushed and then walked home with my friends beaming.

My first love. I met my first love during sophmore year of high school through a friend. We would see each other around town for a couple of months before he finally got the nerve to ask me out. We dated for almost 10 years.

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