A Place I would l Live that I Have Not Visited

Photo by: Le Choyce Photography

London England. I have never been there, but I believe that living there could be quite tolerable. London has a mild climate, is fashion forward, culturally diverse and progressive.

On average there are very little extreme climate shifts in London. There may be rainy or foggy days, but the temperature toggles midrange to seasonal extremes. As a Texan, I can appreciate non-tripple digit summers.

The Royal Family still graces the streets of London. Their timeless gowns, jewels and crowns has forever infused London into the history of fashion. London celebrates Fashion Week twice a year, once in January and again in September. The Fashionista in me can visualize the variety of hues I’ll have in trench coats and rain boots!

The economy in London offers a variety of sectors that are on the rise. There are opportunities available for blue and white collar careers. My husband and I have marketable backgrounds. We are also willing to be risk takers and capitalize on the chance to have unorthodox life experiences.

The United States has become extremely racially divided. Almost to a point that it could very well be a daily topic in the homes of black families. I understand that there may be discrimination anywhere we are, but from what I have heard; the hatred isn’t onsight and for no apparent reason at all. I want my children to have life experiences based on their character and aspirations.

I had the privilege of living in Germany during grade school. The experience was life changing. There was so much history to see. Living in a place with so documented and tangible history offers endless opportunities for adventure.

Living in Germany at such a tender age made me aware of, and gave me the desire to want to be a world traveler. I would not mind the base of my destinations being London at all.

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