Earliest Memory

Photo by: Le Choyce Photography

The second entry for the 30 Day Challenge of April will take me back down memory lane -this should be fun!

Day 2: My Earliest Memory

Circa 1985 in Lawton Oklahoma. My dad was in the Army so we lived on base. I remember how all my friends and I would ride our Hot Wheels until the plastic wore off the tires and how proud we were to show off our new ones.
It had to have been summer; I woke up to a bright sun shinny day, and a few of my aunts and cousins had driven in from out of town to visit.
I remember taking my cousins and a few friends to the backyard so we could play with the dog, a Spitz named Boomer. He wasn’t an aggressive dog but my dad had tied him to a tree, in the middle of the yard with a thin rope, since we had visitors and would be in the backyard frequently while they were there.
I ran out into the yard, leaving my cousins and friends near the backdoor, and called Boomer over with the intent of petting him. He was so excited that he began to run circles around me.
By the time I noticed the rope around my ankles Boomer was attempting to run bigger circles, which swept my feet from under me and he was dragging me around the yard with him.
I screamed his name over and over again. Seems like it took the grown-ups hours to come out and save me. When they got the rope off my ankles the skin had been burned off down to the white-meat.

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