5 Problems with Social Media

I decided to partake in a 30 Day Writing Challenge for the month of April to assist in getting me in the habit of writing and posting. This will also help me to step out of my writing comfort zone.

Day 1: 5 Problems with Social Media

I remember the ringing static of dial-up internet. I remember word processors and being a teenager with a beeper. Anytime someone wanted to reach me they would have to “Hit me on the hip.” I remember cellular phones being heavy and about 8 inches long. I remember them advancing to colored screens and the “Flip Phone”. I also remember MySpace. All of this sounds so archaic -I’m telling my age!

I have a 7 year old, and when she was a baby I proudly carried my pocket sized digital camera with me everywhere I went. I wanted to capture as many memories of her as I possibly could. I would upload the pictures onto my personal computer and kept flash drives in my purse.

Now we have Smart Phones, and they have put the world at our fingertips. I’m using my phone to type this post and will upload it from my phone as well. Living in a “there’s an app for that” world where there are social media sites that enhance the functionality of other social media sites. It can be a bit much.

1. Social Media has robbed us of physical interaction. I love being able to upload pictures of my children online to share with relatives who don’t live close. I also like being able to share parts of my quirky personality with friends and family. But online interaction has given us an excuse to not make time for one another. We spend all of our time glued to our phones or tablets. We check for social media updates from family and friends, but rarely see each other face to face.

2. Everyone is a celebrity. We are human, and everyone wants to feel important like we are “somebody.” Social media provides that platform. Most of us tend to project our ideal self on social media. There is nothing wrong with that, but we just need to remember that there are people who know who we really are.

3. Social media is expensive. Sure most apps are free, but smartphones are hand held computers and their prices reflect that. Social media crazed individuals now need the best phone on the market. This means a phone upgrade happens every year to year and a half.

4. Oversharing. I don’t need to know what time you woke up, that you worked or are off today, what time you got to work, what you did on break, what you had for lunch, what time you got off, how fast you make it to the daycare to pick your kids up, that you have a headache, you’re tired, your husband gets on your nerves and y’all had a fight, then you got over it and had make up sex, then took a shower and went to bed. I don’t need to see a daily selfie taken in the same space of your same face.

5. Everybody is an expert, has a testimony and a side hustle. I love being encouraged and inspired by people who have made it. If I take advice from 10 different people, I’ll have 15 different examples of how to: find myself, be the best me, discover my passion and lose weight. Social media is a platform for free advertisement and we have begun to chase ours dreams, putting our names out there through that platform. Some people have a strategy and goals in place. While others grasp at straws until something works.

There are positive aspects of social media as well but that isn’t what today’s challenge was for. With the constant advancements in technolog, who knows, we may soon be living like The Jetson’s!

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