Flapper Girl For A Night

My husband and I went to “A Night At The Cottonclub” Harlem Renaissance party a few weeks ago. I was excited about the event because it gave me a reason to dress up and try a new makeup look paying homage to the Roaring 20s!

It didn’t take long to find an outfit. Whenever I’m looking for vintage/time period pieces, I go to Modcloth and Amazon. I ordered two complete outfits, one black and one gray. I wasn’t sure which dress I’d love until I had a chance to actually put them on. So I waited patiently and in the meantime…

I watched a number of YouTube videos, stalked Instagram posts and scoured the internet to find a look that would be perfect for me. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Josephine Baker and Bessie Smith.

I practiced in my makeup for a month and finally created a look that I was proud of.


The most exciting thing about this look for me was gluing down my eyebrows and drawing on thin ones.

Once my dresses came in I decided to go with the Gray dress. It matched my husband’s suit better and was more flattering on me.

It took almost a full hour to do my makeup but I had a great night and hit the nail on the head with this look.


Wig, headpiece, pearls, stole, beaded dress, pantyhose and pumps.


The night was awesome!


I almost snatched the wig off about 4 times. It was hot under there.


Relieved to finally be out of the wig. I will definitely where this look again, with full brows next time though.

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