“Turn Down for what?”

When I’m on vacation I usually like to venture out and see the sights of the land.  There were two things that stopped me from leaving the resort in Punta Cana. First,  I speak no Spanish and the natives spoke no English. Second,  I didn’t have my personal bodyguard (aka my husband) with me. There was also the issue of having no cellular service outside the resort. So, on the third day of the trip,  while my roommates and a few others were out on excursions,  I had quite a relaxing time at the resort.

I enjoyed breakfast with myself at the Italian eatery in the main building.  The table I was seated at had a great view. And I allowed myself to drift off and get caught up in the beautiful scenery. After breakfast I did a little window shopping to get an idea of what souvenirs I’d be getting for my loved ones.

After window shopping, I headed down to the beach and enjoyed the breeze off the water. It was beyond refreshing.  And of course,  had yet another beach photo shoot.

Fun in sun with Rum Punch!

I always see commercials or movies with the most relaxing looking beach scenes. They usually include; a beach babe, a cocktail,  sunglasses, a beach hat,  lounge chair,  and some sort of entertainment like a book or headphones.  Obviously the thing that I was missing to make my experience as seamless as what I see on film was hired help. I won’t even tell you how many shots it took to get a photo that was usable.

I could stay here FOREVER!

A few of my travel mates were at the adult only pool, Eden, so I went to meet them there. There wasn’t as much of a breeze at Eden so I was happy about my friend letting me borrow her oversized hat for the day. It provided a good amount of shade. I cooled off in the water for a bit then took in some shade under an umbrella on a lounge chair, when one finally became available. The Eden pool was much more laid back and relaxed (BORING) than we had anticipated and after so many drinks a person HAS to let loose.

Thank God for Central Pool and its daily live DJ! I don’t swim, but enjoy pools like everyone else. The DJ was spinning jam after jam. The dance party was live and the line dancing was fun! We even learned how to say “Turn down for what” in Spanish. I found a great reason to “Turn Down” actually. Once the music was no longer to my liking I headed back to the room for a nap!


My intentions were to take a quick nap and join the rest of the group within an hour or so. I woke up two and a half hours later and met the group as they were leaving the pool to start getting dressed for dinner.

We decided, the night before, to have dinner at the Steakhouse. Apparently, I missed out on some fun times because only half of the group was able to make it to dinner. The food was ok, as usual, but we had a good time thanks to our waiter. There was also a cow sculpture crashing through the bar window that intrigued us.


Had to walk out and see the rest of it.

The rest of the crew turned in early. Thanks to my nap, I was able to stay up and out all night long with my friend/roommate. We were introduced to a bitter alcohol called Fernet-Branca, it was horrible. So horrible that I researched immediately after taking my shot, while still sitting at the bar. One of the first things mentioned was that it’s an aquired taste.

We had a good time conversing and shooting the shit with the staff and other vacationers. Before we knew it they had completely broke the bar down and it was closing time. We were the last two to walk out, we literally shut the bar down.

Turn down for what? !

I had a good day and a great night!

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