Relax, Relate, We Meet!

The night was long, I woke up bright, early, and sticky from sweat. My roommates were  sleep so I took the opportunity to enjoy the patio and view from our room. To my surprise the patio doors were open. This was a pleasant discovery, because it was so hot that night I thought the air had gone out in our unit. Between the sticky heat and mesquitos I found no comfort outside. So, I took advantage of the soft bedding.

It was great, a dream come true for a working mother. Vacation with the girls and we slept in every day. We stirred around that Friday morning and didn’t actually leave the room until almost noon.

We ate breakfast at the same buffet we dined at the night before. We found out that the dinner options provided true variety but breakfast was pretty universal throughout the resort. We also learned that there was a dress code for entering the food establishments.

After breakfast and on our way to the beach, we stopped off at the travel office to book offsite excursions.

Even though the humidity was high, once we got to shore the breeze was pleasantly refreshing. The current was strong and the rip tides were at level red but we went out to enjoy the water a bit anyway.

The most unfortunate part of my first visit to the beach was the fact that I really couldn’t get my mind to settle enough to relax as much as I wanted to. So, I decided to just take in the scenery and enjoy my immediate surroundings.

We took in some sun for a bit and then decided to have a photo shoot. I’m a little self conscious about sharing pics of myself in swimwear. But, oh well, this is me. “If you see something your mother didn’t have, throw a hat at it!”

Beach Babes!

Model, Searching....
Strike a pose, worry about the shoe later
Werking that walk
Sandman dreamin...

As the day progressed the rest of the group slowly trickled in. We decided to meet at the Brazilian Steakhouse themed restaurant on the resort for our meet and greet.

The gang's all here!

The food was good and the staff was…..entertaining, to say the least.

He had skills...

After dinner we headed to the main building for drinks and another night of Karaoke.

We managed to smile in the midst of hunger

And more Mamajuana!!!

Cheers to VACATION!

The crowd wasn’t as hype as the night before but we managed to turn up in spite of that.

Hey Ya! "What's cooler than being cool?"

By the end of the night I was beat.

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