Carried a key…Karaoke

My travel day seemed to take forever, it was wonderful to finally land in Punta Cana.


We had to sit idle on the runway for maybe 15 minutes. Afterwards we were escorted off the plane and shuttled off to Customs.



Image the horror that consumed me while standing in line to clear customs, when I realized that I had no cash on hand. Luckily, I’ve traveled enough to know that I had to remain as calm as possible. Becoming frantic in that situation would only have made things worse. But, not having cash actually helped me get through customs with a breeze.  I got to skip past all the lines and was escorted to the Currency Exchange Station.

My next challenge was finding the travel booth with the information for my shuttle ride to the resort. I, again, found myself in a panic. The employees at the airport spoke very little English, add a heavy accent to that and….yeah, I got nothing.

I felt a better when I realized that, even though I don’t speak Spanish, there were people strategically place throughout the air port to ensure we got to the right place.

There were two stops before mine on the shuttle ride to the resort. By the time we got to the Hard Rock I was tired and couldn’t find much excitement. I’m lying, I was excited at the thought of ordering room service, a drink, and laying down for a while.


The resort was massive and beautiful. My roommates met me in the lobby and took me on a brief tour of the main building. There were bars, clubs, a mini mall, and a variety of eateries to enjoy.

The day of traveling had me pretty beat, my roommates (who arrived about 3 hours before me) were feeling good from cocktails but ready for some rest as well.

We ordered a light meal from room service, took naps, showered and headed out for more drinks and more fun.


We found ourselves at the Sun (Karaoke) Bar and I was introduced to a drink made with honey, red wine, rum, and herbs. It’s called Mamajuana…. and Mama is one smooth tasting bad girl! After my first three shots I decided to make Mama my drink for the night.


After my 8th or 10th shot (like seriously, I lost count) the hostess shoved a microphone in my hand and I found myself belting out the lyrics to ‘Someone Like You’, then doubled as the hype man for my fellow karaoke singers.

We had a good time that night!

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