Vacay, I’m on my way

I was blessed with a last minute invite for 4 fantastic nights and 5 beautiful days in the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana).

This is my first time traveling without my husband since we’ve been married. I went through a host of emotions the 14 days leading up to the trip.

My day started early. You know it’s early when you can pose for several selfies in the airport restroom, with no interruptions.

I was afforded the opportunity to sit right next to the ONE baby on board, a 4 month old, she was quite adorable and only had one fall-out, which was prior to take-off.

First stop Charlotte, North Carolina. This trip has made me realize how dependent I am on my husband, especially during travel. But, he makes me this way. Upon landing, at my first stop, I let him know I’d made it and IMMEDIATELY got this text.

To ease his mind, I simply replied with a photo from the gate.

As we desended in preparation for landing my stomach got really queasy so I grabbed a (grossly overpriced) bagel sandwich, chips and drink. The total for the meal was $14.36!!

I might be weird, but airports can be quite relaxing for me depending on the circumstances. Especially when headed to the CARIBBEAN!

The second leg of the trip was nice as well, I took these pictures between naps, believe the pilot said these are the Florida Keys.


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